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This season has got off to an inauspicious start alright, it’s left me depressed by the fact that nearly a third of my readership think booing is somehow okay. Wow. So a sizeable chunk of you are even more self absorbed and fundamentally stupid than I am.

The aftermath of the transfer window has echoed the unprecedentedly stupid but low animal cunning that filled it when open. How many of the 35,000+ who devoured every word of the obviously hoax Twitter account Agent_ITK are now lapping up the conspiracy theory that the Moutinho deal was …what might one call the allegation? A publicity stunt? Jesus wept. Yeah and Prince Phillip working in conjunction with Mossad and David Lee Roth killed Princess Diana.

Rafa being flogged off hasn’t gone down well with the brain surgeons either. Yes his class and desire will be missed. Of course they will. But in an era dominated by extraordinarily aggressive player power it’s laughable to suggest Levy & Co. simply ‘cashed him in.’ Van Der Vaart papered over the cracks after Modric jumped ship but he was not the solution. The harpies wanting to believe otherwise don’t understand football let alone what Villas-Boas is up to here.

Next up is the one time great hope now born again precious oaf Huddlestone. I was a fan. I saw him as physically adept modern day Hoddle. He could have been mustard. But he gave up trying some time back. So I joined in and gave up too.

There are a number of things that grate with me about him. He’s been on the THFC payroll since 2005 and aside from a few ‘flash in the pan’ moments – from which he’s dined out on in a manner that puts the Nazarene’s loaves and fishes stunt to shame …we’ve had nothing but threats. The Metro are running with the most laughable cobblers that he might leave on loan to pursue the beautiful game in Russia or Turkey.

Please. This guy identical to both Jenas and Bentley. All of them clinging by their avaricious fingertips to contracts that reflect threats of usefulness that were never ever fulfilled. What’s even more galling is that the guy wants to raise £75k for Cancer Research.  He could drop them £75k without even feeling it. But no, we get a ‘sponsored haircut’. I guess his sponsored eyelash tint idea just didn’t make the cut.

Next up is the blocked public toilet in human form that is Emil Danchev. This schmuck is apparently peddling the tale that Spurs were in for his client Dimitar someone or another. More rubbish. The true to type behaviour of these two out and out rotters in relation to the poor bar stewards at Fiorentina tells you all you need to know.

Harry Hotspur is also available for children’s parties.

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  • skankehmonkeh says:

    I posted this on the last blog but as there is a new one here and no one will have read my incredible and enlightening opinion I have copied and pasted it here for your delectation:

    Just a little thought. COYS. It stands for come on you Spurs. If we are winning 4-0 what’s the point of singing come on you Spurs? It’s a song of encouragement, there to lift the players and help them win. It’s what should have been sung at half time, not boos. I don’t know any “booers” and never seen any, even my Dad who’s a lifelong Spurs fan and therefore an eternal pessimist would never consider booing. I think it’s abhorrent. Hmm, little thought grew a little bit more, but you get the point. Back under my rock I crawl.
    I thought I should add that I have only been to the Lane a few times, once in a shocking loss to the Barcodes, never heard a boo then.

  • mick irish spur says:

    late transfer activity is once again the blame for our bad start. the modric saga cost us last season and this season. We need to get the players to gel quickly however as we cannot afford to lose too much ground on arsenal and chelsea if we hope to achieve 3rd or 4th place. for the record I think we ll progress under avb but in the medium term short term we need a few wins and soon!

  • carl says:

    Give Thudd a chance. He’s a little unfit…un prepared at the mo but he will be class again.

    As for the boo boys on avb’s back.. leave him alone and give him a chance. Remember last season, we were a shambles until scotty boy sure-ed us up.
    Maybe we should buy early, we didn’t, so tough, we got to get on with it. we will come good. i would have loved to seen how good moutinho was in the prem but it didn’t happen.

    We all love spurs, through thick and thin.
    We will do well this season but bare in mind how many of these purchases are avb’s choices???

    • mynameissiggy says:

      “a little unfit?”
      Unfortunately that has been the story of his life at spurs. there is no debating, he has buckets of talent, Jol likened him to Der Kaiser, but unfortunately due to fitness levels,injury and general physiognomy, he has been more like “Der Keister”
      There is no other player at spurs I would rather see play at full tilt than TH, but I don’t think it will happen.

  • reynir says:

    True spurs have been shit since harry thougth he had been hired england coach and bale started to belive he was messi 2.0. AVB took over a pile of shit and we need to beam us back to planet earth and realise that he needs time and that this squad is full of jenases and rubish. Just miss one player from those mini players who have left and that is Kranjcar…

    • carl says:

      True. I ain’t seen anybody go who wasn’t on sale anyway. The only difference is now we have actually shifted the chaff

    • Billysboots says:

      Is this serious, Krankjar? The player who seemed to be running in treacle while wearing divers boots! I am unsure about booing how do you express your displeasure as a fan, I have never booed ( maybe once at JJ or that might of been just fck off you cnut I can’t remember) its certainly far to early for fans to turn on AVB, and am wondering if the boos are directed above him. I think it’s siege mentality time against the press media and arsehole pundits!!!

  • JC says:

    Booing is moronic. It can only have a bad effect on the team/manager – so if you are a fan, why do it? [solution is, of course, that many are not supporters, but consumers. Paid the fee, I’ll do what I want]

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