Spurs Star Admits, ‘I Had A Bottle Of Brown Ale In My Pocket’

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Hello young lovers.

And welcome to another show guaranteed to blow yer blue & lilywhite collective socks off. ODM is some character. Some think of him a cross between Denis Norden and Zorro. I know him simply as a man who has survived more wives than I have. Ali Baba had fewer thieves than either of us. 

This week we focus upon Tottenham Hotspur playing an entire 90 minutes. Aarron Lennon, Spurs fans being hardwired for Jermain Defoe’s offsideness and our extra special guest is the essential Bruxie.No refunds, no returns ‘cos it’s all free.

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  • chiversmetimbers says:

    Wigan a do the Funky Chicken!!!

  • deidre says:

    you sound bent

  • Boon says:

    Finally some recognition that playing the pressing game is very tiring and is difficult to maintain for 90 min. It requires players, particularly midfielders and forwards to be really fit. More importantly must be young in age, and ample in cover. With Parker and Dembele out, and missing out on Moutinho, and competing in 3/4 competitions, I wish people could be of more sense – not expecting the team to push all out for more goals or expecting the team to go on dominate for 90 min. The team needs to be careful in not exerting themselves too much, they need to conserve their strength, otherwise, it’s going to take its toll later on. A common misconception is that players are unable to exert themselves after prolonged time over weeks and months of playing time. The answer is that they still can, but their level of performance will dip a lot. That is why squad rotation is important. How many times have we heard of players coming back fresher and stronger after a few weeks of rest/ injury? But Spurs don’t have enough players to do that now.

    • mynameissiggy says:

      well said.

    • Ronnie Wolman says:

      makes complete sense.

      Micromanaging does that.Making decisions in glass jars far away from the field and attempting to put it in with reality is a stern test. Clever scientists adjust as they go along because there isnt too much that is a perfect science. Those that dont, get stuck and die with their ideologies dead beside them.

  • Boy Charioteer says:

    Front of The Daily Mirror this morning: Chelsea fan admits: “I am a moron”. The “monkey man” who taunted Man U’s Danny Welbeck with vile gestures admits he is a moron. The football world was rocked to it’s foundations as 100,000 Chelsea fans re-enact the famous last scene of Spartacus as each one stands up and claims to be a moron. “I’m a moron,”…”No, it’s me I’m a moron”…”No ’tis me, I’m a moron”.

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