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Good afternoon.

No chalkboard today as it’s a lot of work to say ‘Can you play Hugo and Ade, please?’ My suspicion is that the boss won’t but come what may I really do hope that he is quicker to make alterations than in the last few outings.

Bale playing on the left was dominant against Norwich and nothing here suggests to me why he would not want to repeat that today. The man I ‘d like most to step up should he feature is Siggardson. Gylfi has been a bit of a lost soul of late and I’m convinced there is moreĀ  to him than this.

The injury situation is grim. We’re missing the wit and craft in the middle of the pitch that should ignite the rest of the team. Instead we have Huddlestone firing beautiful passes whilst acting like he’s wearing an invisible wheel clamp. Livermore needs screaming at, cuddling …something to encourage him to show some character.

I’ll be backing a win. But I fear a 1-1 draw. The Lane crowd need to live up to the outstanding performance of our support at Carrow Road and dare I say it Arsenal’s mob at Reading. That is how you cheer your side on. Not by wandering around telling anyone who’ll listen how much your season ticket cost you.

Tottenham (from): Friedel, Lloris, Cudicini, Gomes, Naughton, Walker, Caulker, Gallas, Dawson, Vertonghen, Livermore, Parrett, Huddlestone, Mason, Carroll, Sandro, Sigurdsson, Lennon, Townsend, Bale, Falque, Dempsey, Obika, Defoe, Adebayor.

Wigan (from): Al Habsi, Pollitt, Caldwell, Ramis, Figueroa, Beausejour, Boyce, McCarthy, McArthur, Maloney, Kone, Boselli, Gomez, Watson, Jones, McManaman, Fyvie, Lopez, Mustoe, Golobart, Stam, Di Santo, Orsula.

Referee: M Atkinson; Assistants: S Child, M McDonough; Fourth Official: C Pawson.

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  • Lilywhite says:

    We are very much weakened by a large number of injuries, but that doesnt excuse glaring selection, tactical and substitutional mistakes which fail to get the best out of whats available.

  • nobby nobbs says:

    Youre right MS this means he has to work his nuts off get ankle tapped etc every game and now he is injured.What back up do we have ? Painful.
    Players cost more in Jan so I dont see any action then.
    As someone has said elsewhere 12 mil on a goalie we dont use and a completely fakt midfield.
    Not impressed Danny Boy.

  • Eyeball Paul says:

    AVB is making the same mistakes over and over again – Listen to The Eyeballer:
    1. Put Lloris in goal and be done with it
    2. Play 4-4-2 at home – give the lads license to play, rather than ‘controlling’ the game. Play the Tottenham way – with freedom
    3. Revert back to the 4-2-3-1 system in away matches. Fine.
    4. Stop relying on Dempsey and Siggursson, they are useless – bench them and get Falque into the team for some ‘imagination’
    5. Be man enough to realise your system ain’t working at the moment – change it, give yourself a chance, man!The Eyeballer wants you to succeed..

    The Eyeballer XI Vs Citeh:
    Vert Gallas Caulker Walker
    Sandro/ Huddlestone Dembele
    Bale Falque Lennon

  • abacus says:

    John Motson at 3pm today:
    “AVB is starting to get the Spurs faithful more on his side now…people are starting to warm to him”

    I’d hate to see what happens if they turn on him !

    • PeterTheStoreyTeller says:


    • cookiebun says:

      I was worried by Levy’s selection in the summer and was hoping for David Moyes. AVB isn’t good enough, his system sucks in the Premiership and some of his squad are incapable of playing his system anyway. The thing I don’t like about him is that he doesn’t learn from his mistakes. He might be successful in the ‘Micky Mouse’ Portugese League, but it doesn’t wash in the Premiership. He should do the honourable thing and resign.

  • a_felching says:

    We lost, our best player is laid up and we’ve been shite since. We will finish above Arsenal and win the Europa :freu

    • elfranklins says:

      A player does not a team make!
      Rednapp went and we were told that AVB was the tactician we so desperately needed, I have still yet to see it. Had we played a straight forward 4-4-2 out there today and had Ade and Defoe up front from the start to give us some options and maybe stifle their (well played it has to be said) defensive plans we may of taken the points. All this chat about best players out doesn’t roll with me.
      Fair play to Wigan, the best team won at the end of the day.

    • elfranklins says:

      I love an optimist! :-p

      I used to be one until It dawned on me that I was a Spurs fan :blink:

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