Black Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

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There is more about our physio room to worry me about tomorrow’s tie than a rag tag collective of N17 exes.

Of those declared out I’d wait and see who gets off the coach. Sure, the ‘big’ games are still ahead of us, but by Christ Arry will want to bookend whatever we take from Le Ars*, Yanited and Cheatski with cold, hard points.

The ones that may yet feature are Les, Charlie and even Ledders. Our man PaulHasIssues believes the list of absentees may be swollen by Dances With Stones and Sgt Wilson. Vey, innit?

As far as Sunderland are concerned, there is free to a good home type talk of Barren Arthur Dent. Look, I was over generous with him when he was here. And proof of the pudding is the manner, the style in which Sunderland play football and his success there. Some of you will try and wise guy me and say, a goal is a goal!

True as an isolated view, but ultimately not a broader and therefore accurate conclusion. Take a waltz around YouTube. Put in Bent and Charlton*. What you’ll find are a selection of goals that unsurprisingly replicate those he put in at The Lane and at Stadium Of Light.

Sunderland aren’t a quality outfit. Charlton aren’t a quality outfit.

But does that detract, or devalue that a goal is in fact a bleedin’ goal? No, but it mocks the idea that Bent should somehow be on the plane to South Africa.

So what’s the conclusion? We ARE a quality side – if even we chose not to believe it ourselves – and quality will out. We don’t need beach balls to beat this lot.


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