About Us

See your name in London’s most iconic lights!
I’ve been offered a mad and completely unique opportunity by Samsung for Harry Hotspur readers.
They are letting me have their advertising space at Piccadilly Circus for a day. 
The plan is to feature 10 What Matters Most About Football Tweets from readers. 
Your tweet will scroll together with your Twitter name on the most iconic advertising space in London. 
The whole thing will be filmed by Samsung and you’ll get sent the clip.
It’s 140 characters or less of course and needs to be something positive, punchy and free from obscenity, references to animal porn etc etc.
Watching Paul Gascoigne’s free kick against the Arsenal in 1991 always reminds me what really matters about football…
Tweet your ‘What Really Matters’ submission ASAP to me and you could see your name in lights.

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