Boozehounds vs City

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“When I first came here everybody said to me the players were always out in nightclubs”

King will play despite advice to rest after nursing a Club fine of £160,000. An immeadiate and visible knock on effect of this will be that one of his bathrooms at Maison Ledders will now just have to have bulk standard fittings and not Versace ones to match the rest.

So to business.

Citeh have had a decent enough season and their current form, quite frankly doesn’t bode well for us. Their win over Brom was, unlike ours, convincing, they beat Everton 2-1 at Goodison and thumped Blackburn 3-1.

The odds of this game being another low scoring affair rest pretty much on the shoulders of our apparently undroppable Captain, PSB. Modric will have his part to play, granted. But it is Keane that has the link up play and dare I suggest it, the goalscoring to do.

I really do hope this afternoon sees him more ‘fleet of foot’ and with a better touch when he does make contact with the damn thing than last time out. If not Arry, has a decision to make – beyond marking the sherry bottles in the boardroom.

The rather sad departure of Sgt Wilson will, I guess, mark the return of The Zokmeister. Let’s hope he’s fired up and ready to deliver an eyecatching preformance. Who knows? He’s certainly capable.

Bent, Dawson and Lennon are all out which puts more distance between this game and our 1-2 win at Eastlands earlier on in the season.As for Citeh, Madonna’s attempted adoption of Shaun Wright Phillps fell through, so he’ll be on their bench at least.

My predictions are an uneasy 1-1 or if we can supply one of our very gifted strikers with a half decent ball then a Spurs win.

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