The Boy Bale & An Afro

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Now you know I don’t mean it. He’s not a boy anymore, Gareth’s almost certainly showered on numerous occasions within close proximity of the pigeon clearing Le Zok by now.

*Note to self. In just one day I have both published a graphic semi nude male image and alluded to another seperate example of the same. Despite the advise of my lawyers, I must get a bird inĀ  very soon.*

This is a competition as ever with not so much rules as guidelines. If you can incorporate an inbreate that wise cracks at bouncers …all for the good. However, the essential point to embrace is that there is no tangible prize.

Your best hope is to click here, contribute valiantly and not to nag yourself afterwards that you left with less dignity than when you arrived. Incidentally, if you master that last bit email me, because I’m still trying.

Let the heavily discounted honey coated banana chips fall where they may…

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