And They’re Off. We’re Off. It’s…

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stunt animated gifThere’s been more recycling out of Turkey than the first fortnight of January.

Word from Bellydancin’ Central is it’s all done and dusted. Well, bar the fact it isn’t really but it will be just as soon as it is.

Ardan Turan is the boy’s name. He’s a 23 year old left winger. There’s a Cam/Clegg pact gag in there some where, but I’ll be damned if I’m going in unarmed looking for it. My fear I’ll briefly share with you, is that Arry has always seen The Boy Bale as an attacking defender.. uh oh spaghetti o’s…

Elsewhere, A&E rooms across the country were reporting record attendances as fiendish and frankly irresponsible TV companies broadcast ghoulish images of Chelsea players ‘celebrating’ their Double win. The intensely upsetting scenes were characterized by close up shots of emaciated Chavs with some class of lock jaw, slitty eyes and piercing off key noise making.

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