Blue Monday

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Sunday’s child is supposedly full of grace. Clearly Sundays child doesn’t follow the football.

Angry scenes outside the Manchester United Club Shop as a smoke bomb was set off. Angrier scenes in my front room as a gang of hungover toss pots in Spurs shirts threw a two goal lead to lose to a relegated team.

Suddenly the reality of the requirement to complete Champions League qualifiers hits me like a bucket of cold water.

And then we had to endure PSB on ESPN just before the sumptuous sporting feast that had yet to unfold. Anyway, Bob has a contract, he tells us. That’s tremendous news. Just for clarity, Citizen Shouty, is this contract anything like the one you wiped your Tallaghtfornian hole on before joining your boyhood dream team at Liverpool?

Paddy Piltdown man made some comment other a few weeks ago about looking forward to playing Champions League football. Rather naively I thought he said that whilst envisioning himself in a shirt of many hoops as he did it.

Oh no, this fucker is planning on coming back.

The buoyed bhoy will not just be waving his contract like some manic MacMillan but telling us all about his magnificent goalscoring record north of the border. Ah yes, the SPL. There’s a league. Where else in the world might you find six all draws, pitches you wouldn’t put a horse out on all wrapped up sectarian bile?

This season, Tottenham’s strikers have not excelled. The goals have come from nineteen different players. So never has there been a better time for a so called saviour to come a calling…

Keane uses the line, ‘I just want to play football’. He uses it a lot. He ask any Inter, Wolves, Leeds etc, etc fans… What he doesn’t ever consider is if other people feel the same way. It’s not he’s unaware of the contempt, it’s that he simply doesn’t care.

Single minded, bloody minded and self absorbed. If he wasn’t then he would have have trouble spitting on our shirt and joining Liverpool. If he wasn’t then he would have had trouble spitting on our shirt and joining Celtic.

He was a long serving player with an excellent record and team captain. His form dipped and after taking forever to begrudgingly be substituted and then not be fielded at all, he did what he always has done and looked after himself. An alternative view might be that when the heat is on, he runs away.

Modric’s goal was a bit good, wasn’t it?


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