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These are hard times for honest men. our new found friends at Fulham are apparently fielding a team of squad players today against the French. I don’t blame them.

They asked the FA to have the game moved to accommodate their impending Europa Cup Final and being the forward thinking lot that they are, the FA took their request on board and duly ignored it.

Elsewhere, Wigan find themselves Kingmakers traveling to Second Hand Fridge. As a bookie remarked recently, Wigan are a team that just cannot be predicted. At 25/1 for the win it might, just might be worth a pound. Mind you, their away form is miserable and Cheatski can smell a double, so maybe it ain’t.

We play Burnley this afternoon. Burnley of course are relegated. Whatever their manager has to say to them before they go out, their heads are surely in their suitcases with thoughts of at least one WAG on their arm on a beach somewhere exotic, boat-drinks and thoughts that are far faraway from all the scrapping and failing.

Spurs travel primed for a surprise loss of course. Photographed out on a bender in the Daily Wail, they will undoubtedly step off the coach, iPods glued on, brochures for sports cars in their hands and the very latest tattoos on order…

Spurs to winning 0-2 at Half Time and winning 0-4 at Full Time is 40/1, a Super Roman hat trick is 16/1. Christ knows what a combination of those two would yield. At the very least you’d get your own TV show as a psychic.


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