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‘I’VE got three words to say to all those people asking me if Joe Cole should be on the plane to South Africa – definitely, definitely, definitely’.

Not my words but those of our tight lipped, puce jowled supremo, the boy Redschknapps.

Am I reading too much into this or is a cheeky audacious swoop on the cards after the FA Cup Final? There is a suggestion that the ‘unreasonable’ wage demands could, just could be circumvented by a free transfer followed by a lump sum being paid to the player direct.

The question is, would we find a home for him?

Pro’s have to include he wouldn’t be some homesick kid trying to adapt to the Premiership.

Con’s have to include he can’t consistently make the Cheatski first eleven, let alone the plane to South Africa.

Your thoughts?

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