Date: 27th June 2010 at 6:50pm
Written by:

‘I’VE got three words to say to all those people asking me if Joe Cole should be on the plane to South Africa – definitely, definitely, definitely’.

Not my words but those of our tight lipped, puce jowled supremo, the boy Redschknapps.

Am I reading too much into this or is a cheeky audacious swoop on the cards after the Final? There is a suggestion that the ‘unreasonable’ wage demands could, just could be circumvented by a free transfer followed by a lump sum being paid to the player direct.

The question is, would we find a home for him?

Pro’s have to include he wouldn’t be some homesick kid trying to adapt to the .

Con’s have to include he can’t consistently make the Cheatski first eleven, let alone the plane to South Africa.

Your thoughts?