I Met A Man Who Wasn’t There

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Word on the street is that Jamie O is off to Upton Park. This ‘word’ or more accurately ‘words’ are allegedly from his big mouth brother.

Clearly a time of rapid change for ol’ Jamie and it’s difficult to judge. The story doing the rounds last week was he was looking at how to become Irish and play for the Republic. My considered advise would be to ask ’em.

Spike Milligan rang the Irish Embassy and sought a Citizenship. He had prepared in his mind what he thought was a compelling enough tale of Irish blood in his family to support his case. But only a few moments into the call, the man on the other end of the line said, ‘Ah sure, we’re terribly short of people’.

How times change.

And change is the theme here. O’Hara’s life has been a constant series of ‘events’ in recent times. The loan to Pompey could have been as dull as dishwater. But it wasn’t. He went to club who imploded in public. O’Hara was rumoured to be loaning the other lads lolly when they didn’t get paid. He then went on live telly and referred to Portsmouth as, ‘us’.

And the backdrop to all this was a pretty intense relationship with Danielle Lloyd. Love’s young dream can hardly have run smoothly either. Barraged by giggles (mostly from HH readers) and jokes about ‘bikes’ and such. And of course there was the scrap in a nightspot and claret everywhere.

So, anyone care to put a figure upon how much we’ll pay when we buy him back in 2 years time, then?

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