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Based on that Ken and Barbie have more chance of having kids than England have of winning the World Cup.

Japan weren’t very bright but at least they had a go. Huddlestone was invisible, Lennon demonstrated his superiority to Walnutt in several ways.

Firstly and most obviously by not getting subbed so early. Secondly by  not being rubbish whenever he got the ball and beating a few people.

Walnutt was a not very good unknown at the last World Cup. A stowaway on the plane secreted on it by Uncle Arsene. This time round it will be nothing shy of a disgrace if slips the Commonsense Security and finds his way to South Africa.

Obviously there will be sneers incurred by any visitors to this blog. Oh what a surprise, a Spurs blogger who don’t like Theo. Well answer me this, would a player og his ability as demonstrated this season from any other club in the Premiership remotely get a f**king sniff at an England place if they weren’t a Wenger child?

Elsewhere, Bent was abysmal, Rooney a constant threat and despite everything, Ashley Cole looked half good.

I leave my comments there, but any game finishing 2-1 with all three scored by the losing side was barely worth watching for anything other than novelty value.

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