My World Cup Runneth Under

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The good Lord giveth and during the transfer window he certainly  does a half tidy job of trying to take away. The expected threat to Modders was always from United, but this morning the Mail have decided to opt instead for Chelsea.

They must have a flip chart in the attic they write their stories in. With ropes on tyres arranged in a semi circle around it.

Modric out – Revive Joe Cole story – swap piece – Utd contest transfer – Modric announces he’s staying – Joe Cole does same. Six stories out of thin air, more bananas for everyone. Cup of PG anyone?

Elsewhere the Keane Conundrum rumbles on with yet another tedious tale involving Villa, half a pound of grapes and a crate of brown ale in a pointless Ashely Young swap story on IM Scouting. The sooner the Tallaght tiger joins someone else’s circus, the better. At least he won’t be windmilling again anytime soon.

Oh, does anyone know a good bookie? I’m looking for a price on King horrifically injuring himself and being shot by a racist South African vet behind a sheet in Fabio’s technical area.

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