Right, Anyone For 5 A Side?

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I always liked the idea but never warmed to the contenders. Remember Tottenham’s English spine? I mean I would have been equally happy with an Irish spine, or an Italian one. I guess you could just put me down as a backbone fan full stop.

Maybe it was the whole ‘having a spine’ including Jenas business that was throwing me.

But now there’s a credibility. Or a blame time-bomb waiting to go off, one of the two.

Dawson, despite the ‘back door’ manner he got there, is a credible entity. Crouch, the bane of push and run fans has, never the less scored lots and lots of goals. He’s a striker, so what more could England fans ask for?

King on the back of much much improved season is another credible addition. Yes he can go missing, but what he doesn’t offer is that dumb and uninspiring lateral ball game that so many jostling to get in would.

Defoe has to be the favourite to go either way. He’ll either come of age gaining confidence with goals in the early games, or come rocketing off the bench to no good purpose. I just can’t see him having just an okay tournament. He’ll either burn brightly or be surrounded by dead matches from where he just couldn’t get lit.

The most exciting prospect is Azza Blu. There can be few players on the planet as good to watch when at full force. His reputation could easily become global, but he’ll need to whizz past finer foes than those the Group stages to achieve this. So make sure you get the ball in somewhere useful, young man.

Let’s hope they can all stay sober.

Altogether now…His name is Rio and he’s always in the stands…

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