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West Bromwich Albion away, eh? Stone me. That’ll mean getting on the bus. That’ll mean getting up earlier than normal. Sometime this job squeezes the very last drops of goodwill out of a man. Where’s my iPod?

Random thoughts perhaps, from someone who earns more in a week than you or I earn in a year. Maybe it is the lot of a long suffering Spurs fan to dwell upon just how this mob will let us down. If that is the case then where does this depressive attitude arise from? Years in the wilderness? Nice try but it’s not really been a back to back sob story.

Yes, there are certain players one could mention, certain managers one might name and the clouds of despair begin thickening, But it’s not really been a wilderness. We’re not Aston Villa.

But the fear with this current lot is the desire. It seems that where there out to be that winning mentality, there is a culture of blame. It’s probably something you get etched into the fibre of your very being when 32,500 thousand punters wearing your own colours boo you off the pitch.

The window shut and bar Billy Gallas and some blokes who are essentially in the post what was most telling was who stayed. Hutton I can understand, he’s a man who appears to have lost his focus almost entirely in vats of 8 Shilling, but Jenas, Oh Jermaine, Jermaine and PSB?

Shudders rippled through N17 as both men pledged to stay and fight. Easy to mock. But what are they fighting for? The badge? Their salary? It’s just big one face saving exercise. Besiktas? £8M? Oh, sorry, now it’s just going straight to answerphone…

Morale is what will dispatch West Brom, not a coachload of players who narrowly avoided the chop and the shame of being bundled out in a job lot ala Steed & Teemu.

Arry, who by his own admission is not repeat not a wheeler dealer, has been engineering his next role as England manager. What caught my eye was that quote about the, ‘job shouldn’t be too difficult if you’ve got good players’.

Two words from me, H old girl. Show me.

Prediction? 1-2, but even with the injuries it ought to be more.

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