The Cutting Crew

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I might have drawn the odd, ‘lazy barsteward’ thoughts from some when simply C&P’ing some of your more cogent moments, but this has got to be the brass ring of easy blogs.
This is our lot, at least until January. Tell me what your analysis is and damn well tell me true.
1. A&E
2. Sebastien Bassong
3. Dave The Rave
4. Charlie
5. 3MP
6. Carlo Cudicini
7. Octopussy
8. Awesome Dawson
9. Neopolitan Swordsman
10. William Gallas
11. Dances With Scones
12. Begbie
13. Feckin’ Jenas
14. Younes Kaboul
15. PSB
16. The King
17. Wee Jimmy Krankie
18. Azza Blud
19. Modders
20. Kyle Naughton
21. Mr Danielle Lloyd
22. Sgt Wilson
23. Crazypavinchenko
24. Red Stripe
25. Van Driver

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