Turned Out Nice Again…

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Wenger’s weekly email from their OS is written as ever, with all the charm and ambiguity of a report from the Stasi.

‘We faced the game we expected to face at Sunderland on Saturday and I felt overall our central defence and our goalkeeper dealt well with the situations we faced.

I believe the performance was good overall. We had problems starting in the first half but in the second half we played very well with ten men and were in control of the game. Unfortunately in the 95th minute they equalised.

We showed we could battle, we showed we could play, we had all the ingredients of a good team. We had chances to kill the game, especially when Tomas Rosicky had a penalty, but we didn’t do it.

Alex Song was sent off and we were still in control with ten men but we couldn’t score the second goal. And as long as you can’t score the second goal you are in trouble.

Cesc Fabregas suffered a hamstring injury and you cannot measure how much of a loss he was. I believe you want Fabregas on the pitch but even without Fabregas we could have scored the penalty and won the game.

Thanks for your support’.

Of course, once we start comparing this with what actually happened it all fades away almost instantly like the finest morning dew in the slightest half light.

The Arse goal was a mega hoof clearance that struck the underside of Cesc Pest’s shoe. George Luca’s Industrial Light And Magic would be hard pushed to recreate it. Funny that he kicks the memo off defending their rearguard. The area he failed to seriously address in the last window and one that a pretty uninspiring Sunderland rarely got organized enough to trouble.

The ‘we could battle’ line is coded language too of course. The nasty stripey team didn’t oblige and stand still whilst the eloquent philosophers and scientistas passed themselves into ecstasy. Rosicky looked like a condemned man as he stepped up to launch the match-ball into outer space. Baron Arthur Dent delivered the killer blow to notch up his 37th shin in this season.

Auntie Arsene doesn’t care for unsporting behavior and the double whammy of Song being sent off and the other team scoring in additional time was all too much for her. Enjoy your ban and the FA do accept cheques with a banker’s card.

Spurs arrive at this game on the heels of an equally fraught gig against Wolves. PSB gave us 66 minutes of er, well er… and then triggered by Van Morrison’s expert penalty and an increasingly tetchy crowd, Super Roman enacted an ancient Pavlovian flag waving ceremony and some one obviously told Alan Hutton the drink ban was being waived for goal scorers.

My prediction is that we’ll win.


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