Wolves Indoors. Lock The Larder Doors, Dear!

Image for Wolves Indoors. Lock The Larder Doors, Dear!

Oh this will be a fun game.

Lennon raucously jeered at West Brom by the faithless, a stunned silence from those wot made the the trip to see the second half collapse against ze Germans. Now indoors to Wolves. Chelsea have already won the league, you did get that memo?

Mick McCarthy then. He has little to do to gee his charges up. ‘We come to this spot of yon Londinium afore and it weren’t all bad, iy ye recall correctly.’

Now this is where old Arry is going to go into to a twitch meltdown, as to distinguish one’s self from such a mob, one really needs to refuse to play their game, to play stylish fast football and score, score and score some more…

Monkeying about passing laterally to little good purpose isn’t the one here. This lot haven’t traveled down here to play Junior Scrabble. Players supposedly worth 2 and some instances 3 times that of their opposing number need to validate these wild claims with actions.

So at the risk of sounding like a Magic 8 Ball with just one answer, this will be a game where dropping 2 points is pretty unacceptable for ooh, about 362 different reasons.


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