20 Reasons Why Spurs Should Keep Robbie Keane

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It isn’t a very well kept secret that I ran out of patience with PSB a while back.

Yeah I appreciate he did many many good works in his tenure at Spurs but to use the Irish parlance the good was taken out of it …by the whole Liverpool thing. And if I, gob almighty ain’t entitled to air my opinion on the man, then airbrush me now.

Anyhoo, here’s some awfully valid  reasons…

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  • Chrispurs says:


  • oli says:

    we have sylvie now its fine

  • n17ment says:

    disagree, get rid of keane, we still got crouch,defoe, jenas, vdv, (o’hara)

    • Harry Hotspur says:


      Do you think there is still a case for O’Hara at WHL? I mean this in a genuine way. mate.

      I loved him, perhaps I was guilty almost of ‘loving the idea’ of him.

      Be interested on your thoughts as many Yids don’t mention him too much of late :ermm:

      • James says:

        I’m with you Harry. I liked the idea of him. I liked the idea of a lad who came up through the youth, gave 110%, and really cared. However, when I thought about it, and watched him play, he wasn’t really good enough. I mean in the middle he’s worse than Huddlestone, Modric, Palacios and Jenas, and we have the new lad Sandro who I assume is ahead of him. So does he really have a future at Spurs? I’d love to see him become a quality player, and become a key player for us, but I cant really see it. I just don’t think he’s got the class. If Kranjcar and Dos Santos can’t get in the team, then what chance does O’Hara have?

  • Mikey says:

    On O’Hara, loved the guy for all his effort (110%) but it was the FA cup thing that did it for me when he was on loan at Pompey. I don’t think he deserves another chance. With all that said, who’s place would he take?

  • stevo1987 says:

    NO’Hara – for me.

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