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Arry Redknapp Is Mavis Riley

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“You’ve got to go there and play sensibly against the better teams, you’ve got to be difficult to beat away from home. Let’s not kid ourselves. If we come back with a point we would all be delighted.”

“So you’ve got to go out there and hit them on the break. We’d like to win but we’re not going to go out and start swarming all over them – they are a top team, so you have to be aware of that.”

Stirring stuff. Arry’s pre match words there evoke such strong emotions. Forget ‘Cry havoc!’, never mind Braveheart and see you later alligator to ‘Upon my command, unleash hell!’ No, what we have here has just raised the bar in motivational speeches.

Hairs tingling on the of your neck? Nope, mine neither. He’s about as fired up as Mavis Riley dithering over whether to have a custard cream or a chocolate digestive.

Given the manner in which Tottenham play their best football, it’s seem downright weird for Arry to suddenly come it all master tactician on us. There will be quite enough over-thinking taking place courtesy of the fat Spanish waiter. Tottenham need to get out there and do precisely the opposite of his pearls of wisdom above.

A holding game is something Spurs are not entirely at one with to put it mildly and this strategy also requires a damn tight back four. Hardly our calling card.

Anytime goalscorer punt would have to be the boy Bale @9/2.


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  • hoopspur says:

    Don’t care what he tells the media, it’s what he tells the players. Old Harry tends to get the motivation right. Minimum 1-1 I reckon.

    Heard somewhere there are 8.5k ‘unofficials’ going. It’ll be interesting.

    • Block 39 says:

      I’m one of the ‘unofficials’ and cannot wait. Spurs at the San Siro in the CL … pinch me I must be dreaming

  • Trembly says:

    It’s all about mind games at this stage. All about mind games. There’s not a single thing there that he said thats off the mark. They’re a better team, historically, competitively and arguably man for man even with their injuries.

    We’ve got to have a mindset in our players that they need to be prepared to fight, not to give the opposition an inch. Hold strong. Be steadfast. Be ready, they will tire, they will leave holes – and be open to the sucker punch.

    We’re punching above our weight here. We’re the underdogs. The fodder. No one is expecting us to have the slightest impact and that’s why we’ll beat them.

    After the shock result, everyone will be praising Arry and the team – but Inter will be making all the excuses. If only Milito was fit, if only Cambiasso was here – we’ve had to play slightly out of shape – we’re adjusting to a new manager.

    The fat waiter will push high up the pitch, pressure us in our half. We need lightening quick breaks from Baler, Azza and anyone else that can keep up. The through balls will come from Modders, Thudd, and Krankie will be chasing them down as well.

    We don’t have all the players to hand to swarm all over them – for now we’ll make do with set pieces and counters. cr’Ouch will need to play his part well – but our defence even more so.

    There’s no need for stirring speeches, this is not a fictional piece from Hollywood. This is the real deal and Zadoc the Priest tells you so. Time to get a Handel on it.

    • toddspur says:

      wise words; they (Inter) wont be looking forward to it. Rafa’s been burnt a few times by the mighty yids so I fully expect them to be very wary of our talents

      You would therefore assume a dull game; I dont think so; quite the opposite in fact

  • stevo1987 says:

    It’s what is called kidology…….

  • Chris says:

    It’s what’s called realism.

    You don’t go out in Champions League football to get beat away from home. Keep it tight and take chances if they present themselves. When we get them back to the Lane, then you attack them.

    • lecoqhardi says:

      Agreed. We went gung-ho against the Swiss and were 3-0 down. Now if Kamara were leading the line for Inter, then you wouldn’t need defenders, but I believe a chap called Eto’o may be playing.

  • Onedavemackay says:

    He’s talking bollocks.

    We will be playing our 4th and 5th best central defenders there is no way we can sit back.

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