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Arry’s £25M Striker & Azza’s Cadbury Snack

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So Azza has a sore back.

Am I alone in believing that you average professional football is a big girls blouse who thinks twice about getting stuck in just in case they chip a nail? I actually hope that there’s nothing wrong with him and he makes use of the break to work on his game and improve himself. He really has gone right off the boil.

Citizen Redschnapps is officially on the hunt for a top class finisher then. The name in the frame this week is the boy Benzema. It’s hardly a state secret that Karim Benzema and The Special One have drifted apart of late.

Arry’s ace in the hole could prove to VdV. A favourable report back to his erstwhile Real Madrid team mate may be just the trick.

But Arry’s biggest enemy is lack of consistency and the 83 days that lie between now where Spurs are only eliminated from one competition and their league standing is just about acceptable. If I were Arry, my fear would be that if things were to deteriorate the shine of the up and coming Champions League pretenders would rapidly become tarnished. January isn’t the busy window and the summer one was riddled with more loans and loan offers than daytime telly.

We need a striker. There’s little doubt about that now but what is crucial is that the incoming chap demonstrates the same hit the ground runningness that the Dutchman has. All this time to bed in business is has now got to be something that happens to other clubs.

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  • Trembly says:

    Azza’s got a sore back? But I thought Mlle.Lloyd has already had the baby and had hooked up pwopah with JoH – so it can’t be her then.

    Did you watch the highlights of Holland international yesterday? I was having half a look to see if Rafa was up anything – and also checking out whether we really did miss out on the Hunter. I can truly say to the former, yes and the latter no. Huntelaar seems just like a Dutch version of Pav.

    Signing Benzema however would be an excellent coup de grace.

  • onedavemackay says:

    The problem with Benzema would be his wages. With few exceptions, transfer fees are starting to deflate and wages are starting to follow suit but when you’re at a top top club earning top dollar the thought of a smaller club and less dosh is not so appealing. That appears to be the reason Luís Fabiano didn’t arrive.

    I guess VDV took a view and decided resurrecting his career was more important than the money but then he is a bit special.

    Either way I think we need to uncover a gem rather than try for any of the established strikers.

  • Harry Hotspur says:

    Another one :pirat:

  • Kojac says:

    sir ledley king ain’t no big girls blouse,i’m sure there are quite a few footballers that play through the pain barrier too,

    lets not tarnish everything with one mighty brushstroke

    benzema is hardly an out and out striker is he,i mean i’ve never really seen him but thats what i’m thinking,maybe i’m wrong as i don’t watch real

    our strikers are still in some kind of tottenhams got talent competition until Jan 1st,i wonder who will win,

    Fear not football addicts,england on tuesday and tottenham back in action sat when football comes thick and fast,bumping and grinding,shoving and grunting all the way till February… :freu

  • hertfordshire 65 says:

    harry agree missed out in the summer van d vart leading goal scorer got to dump pointy bloke or pav the ruski before another striker

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