Date: 27th October 2010 at 2:31pm
Written by:

Watching the decline of is upsetting.

There is a valid argument that he’s just another spoiled ex-celeb with an desire to self destruct, but isn’t it time someone stepped in and at least tried to put an end to the miserable mess his life appears to have become?

The list of frequently manic and unbalanced examples of his mental deterioration doesn’t make for happy reading. Where once folk would greet his antics with a wry smile and a roll of the eyes, now they invoke uncomfortable silences.

From watching footage of the man, listening to audio of him and reading eye witness reports in the newspapers, this is a guy who stopped living the dream a long time ago. What we have now is a man lost in a repetitive cycle of pain and sorrow.

Some folk like to indulge their bodies with excess occasionally. Some folk get the taste for excess and never let it desert them. Others just have demons they cannot shake without help. Prison is not the answer.

It’s time to help.

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