‘His Style Will Suit Spurs’ – Gomes

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“When I first came over to sign, all I wanted to do was to get started here with Spurs as quickly as possible,” said new boy Sandro… “It is a pleasure just to be here and I’m happy to be given the opportunity to join a club like Spurs.

“It is a club that holds a good deal of renown back home in Brazil, where televised English football is very popular. I already knew that they are one of the well-established and biggest clubs in England and in Europe because of their history, and you can feel that great footballing tradition by just walking into the stadium.

“I followed the club’s progress closely last season, cheering them on from home and hoping that they would take that fourth place in the league. When it happened, it was an absolutely fantastic moment.

“I know that the club has everything it needs to go on to further success and I will do everything I can to help. The Premier League is the best league in the world. It is a strong league played at great pace and I think my style of play will adapt quickly to this kind of football.”

Sandro who won his 3rd cap for Brazil on Monday night in a 2-0 friendly win over Ukraine, and he admits that his arrival at Tottenham has been aided by the presence of his countryman Heurelho Gomes.

“It really makes me feel a lot more at home knowing that someone like Gomes is here,”
said Sandro. “Apart from Gomes I didn’t know anyone here on arrival but I am getting to know the players more and more each day, and they have been very welcoming.”

“He’s a good, young player who can do a great job for us,” said Gomes… “It may take him time to adapt because football is so different here but he is a quality player and will soon show how good he is. I’ve seen a lot of him in Brazil and I like his style. It’s a style that will suit Spurs well and I predict great things from him.”

Quotes from Hotspur magazine.

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  • moosetheyid says:

    Might see him get a game tomorrow, as he can’t play in CL, him and VDV might be interesting, resting Hudd and Modders for wednesday

  • Sid Trotter says:

    good tho :-| ught – you are clearly used to thinking

  • MysteriousStranger says:

    Is there some club football on soon? :gaehn: :freu :shocked2:

  • Bruce Castle says:

    Fullham away this weekend. I wonder who Harry will field considering the Inter match on Wednesday? Will Bentley get a game?

    • MysteriousStranger says:

      I knew really :lol: Bentley? Should be playing until Lennon returns to form IMO. Which will probably be once he realises his place in the side isn’t a given. Unfortunately Harry seems to make his place a given. Because Harry no likee Bentley. Especially after the “Gatorade shower” incident.

  • moosetheyid says:

    Get in!! 8O Just got the confirmation that I got two tickets for Milan.
    Going Tuesday morning, coming back Thursday night.
    Can’t wait :silly:

    • Kojac says:

      nice one moose,enjoy

      • moosetheyid says:

        Cheers Kojac, was wondering if any other loyal HH followers were going? Could have a sort of Mr Harry on Tour rendevouz

        • Kojac says:

          if only,i’m ashamed to say i couldn’t get the finances for away trips like this,

          but what a place to go watch spurs,regardless of what happens,i’ll be cheering,enjoy it with the mrs :blush: ,italy is the dogs bollocks if you ask me,great place

          thank god its on normal telly thats all i can say,no dodgy stream for this one

      • moosetheyid says:

        Nothing to be ashamed about Kojac, I’ve whacked it all on the plastic, just means that my boy will have to make do with an orange and a lump of coal for Christmas this year :blush:
        Don’t know who’s more excited, me or the good lady, she seems to think that Wednesday afternoon will be spent walking around Milan’s finest boutiques, haven’t explained to her yet that we’ll be getting mullered in some piazza with about 10,000 other Yids :-p

    • toddspur says:

      You cad; all i managed to get was tickets to see Lee Evans at The BIC :-p

    • Alspur says:

      I got mine as well, mate! How cool is that?! V happy chappy…

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