Date:10th October 2010 at 9:16am
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Nico Kranjcar has been subject to a number of transfer rumours of late.

Depressingly, I see yet another one of these new Spurs blogs has struck a new low and even C&P’d from the NOTW that Newcastle are also in for him. Look, arrival of VdV was bound to cause ripples, but it’s a grim game afoot here that Krankie is targeted as the man on the way out. Presumably on the basis he could probably command something resembling a transfer fee. Unlike some.

Tottenham have a lot of football ahead of them. And as I get kind of bored of pointing out to those gentle souls who think one player per place is a viable plan, that requires depth. What about suspensions? What about injuries?

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to spot this guff a mile off either. Anyone notice how so many alleged ITK’s had no real info to peddle in the summer, so they came up with a new spin? Quite cunning if you were only trying to deceive a 6 year old. It goes a little something like this…‘The two clubs have agreed a deal but it won’t happen until January…’

The NOTW are many things but they aren’t too daft. But this is actually funny. They’ve taken it one step further. In a blissfully quote free piece is this little gem: ‘The Toon want the Croatian international to sign a pre- contract deal [in January] so that he can move to St James’ Park for nothing next summer.’

Yeah and I’ve got Sylvie Van der Vaart popping round on Monday to arrange to give me a back rub in 2011.

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