Krankies’ Back And Here’s Both Goals!

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Nico Kranjcar has been subject to a number of transfer rumours of late.

Depressingly, I see yet another one of these new Spurs blogs has struck a new low and even C&P’d from the NOTW that Newcastle are also in for him. Look, arrival of VdV was bound to cause ripples, but it’s a grim game afoot here that Krankie is targeted as the man on the way out. Presumably on the basis he could probably command something resembling a transfer fee. Unlike some.

Tottenham have a lot of football ahead of them. And as I get kind of bored of pointing out to those gentle souls who think one player per place is a viable plan, that requires depth. What about suspensions? What about injuries?

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to spot this guff a mile off either. Anyone notice how so many alleged ITK’s had no real info to peddle in the summer, so they came up with a new spin? Quite cunning if you were only trying to deceive a 6 year old. It goes a little something like this…‘The two clubs have agreed a deal but it won’t happen until January…’

The NOTW are many things but they aren’t too daft. But this is actually funny. They’ve taken it one step further. In a blissfully quote free piece is this little gem: ‘The Toon want the Croatian international to sign a pre- contract deal [in January] so that he can move to St James’ Park for nothing next summer.’

Yeah and I’ve got Sylvie Van der Vaart popping round on Monday to arrange to give me a back rub in 2011.

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  • nick the greek says:

    Not bothered, although I have to say he was one of Harold`s better buys

  • Tartaruga says:

    Kranjcar’s current contract runs out in 2013, so not sure why NOTW think he’ll be available on a free next summer?

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      The whole thing has emanated from 2 things.

      1.The International break has compounded a blanket drop in interest in football especially so folk appear ready to make any old stuff up.

      2. The player did an interview in Croatia recently where he revealed that a) he wasn’t crazy being on the bench and b) he would fight to be in the team.

      If you factor in that if VdV plays, that means someone else cannot, add to this that Jenas has a est. street value of tuppence ha’penny, that leaves the door wide open to add 2 and 2 and achieve 9.

  • Horny Helen says:

    Looks Like Nikko has been watching and learning from VDV!

    I feel sorry for Nikko because he seems to be a long way down the pecking order. Why did he not start against the Gooners? Why was RK brought on against Bremmen and not Nikko? I dont blame him for looking for a move (if indeed he is). You need to be loved Nikko and I’m the girl to do it, dont know about bringing you on, I would certainly bring you off.


  • Sid Trotter says:


    • Harry Hotspur says:

      If that was supposed to make me jump, it failed miserably :dizzy2:

      • Sid Trotter says:

        erm, it actually scared me – but then again, you are at the dizzy heights and face thpose slings and arrows on a daily basis – I, on the other hand, have a ring

  • lecoqhardi says:

    Hate to throw cold water on your claim to have Sylvie coming round on Monday, Harold, but actually I have a threesome arranged with her and Mrs Cravat. We’re watching videos of East Cheam’s finest all day.

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