Make Bale ‘Player Of The Year’

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Spurs fans like a challenge, it’s in the blood. As challenges go, this one isn’t as up hill as some, but your support would be cool if only to emphasize the slow but hopefully gorgeous rise to power.

Transfer Tavern is holding a Player Of The Year poll and for once, a Tottingham is in the picture. Normally we get either missed entirely from these things or just given a token spot for someone like King or Keane.

Cheatski are bossing it was it stands this morning with Drogba well in the lead.

Bale was good when he first landed. He then went right off the boil and was even being referred to as a jinx at one stage. But this season he’s been close to continuously superb. Athletic, determined and demonstrating some real class.



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  • jolsgonemental says:

    yeah, but its transfer tavern.

  • Trembly says:

    Lets not eh. His little monkey head must be getting rather big already with all the plaudits he’s taking – wouldn;t want him to start thinking predominantly about numero uno rather than the club. It’s all about the club – we give him the opportunity to shine, and play with decent players who make him look good. He is undoubtedly a talent, but look – he’s not won anything proper with us yet. When we’ve got a Champions League and a couple of Premier League titles under our belt then fair enough – it’ll also be at this point that we might have to say goodbye to monkey boy unless he’s so settled that there’s just no place like home. Sorry.

  • MaddySpurs says:

    I do believe he’s now 4% ahead of the Drog so you’re obviously getting the message across H.

    Keep it up old bean!

  • McG says:

    Trembly, I was about to post similar ’til I read your comment!! Way too much press for Bale at the mo, too much attention for my liking – don’t wanna lose the guy. :-( I even read the quote “Bale’s Wales” today in the press…
    Not posted for a while but still read every article Harry, you seem to have gone into overdrive the past couple of weeks! All good tho, glad you left Oleole :-)

  • MaddySpurs says:

    Banjax??? “(chiefly Irish, informal) A mess or undesirable situation made as a result of incompetence. ”

    Oh I think we can manage that ;-)

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