Player Ratings – ‘The Referee’s A Wonker’ Edition

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Quite a kerfuffle, then.

The first half was certainly more watchable than the second. But the whole gig was undermined by a referee that I predict if you  call him in a years time you’ll hear, ‘Hi Dominoes, Marc speaking…’ on the other end of the phone.

Ratings then…

Gomes 6 Little to do

A&E 8 As good as it gets. Nice work, fella.

Begbie 6 Attacking, but his passing was ‘iffy’.

Gallas 5 Couple of decent moves, but looks a bit pants.

Kaboul 8 Defensively – extremely good stuff.

Azza Blud 7 Played very deep and his tracking back was often immense.

Sarge 5 Largely the victim of a rather retarded Ref.

Modders 8 Not a luxury player, Smith you tool…

Bale 8 Wot No Hattrick? Bale Out!

VdV 8 Class act.

Crouch 5 Achieved little. A poor Ref, but he failed to move on from that fact.

Sandro 6 …but should almost certainly command 7’s and 8’s in future.

Pav 4 Not a dig. I love the chap, but he produced schnichts.

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  • dutchman says:

    Crouch was a 3 HH

    • aqaljuta says:

      He’s a f*****g good for nothing softy!! yet Idiot Harry loves him. Wonder who’ll start upfront against Manure. As long as he continue licking Harry’s ass, he’ll get to start! Doesn’t even worth a 3. He messed up all our attacks, could have better result without him even if we have to play with 10 men throughout.

    • welshyid says:

      3. . .. you must be drunk

  • dutchman says:

    free header, and some powerless shots..
    apart from that he keeps on tumbling and waving…
    he’s pants! he is!

  • Brazilyid says:

    To be fair was always going to be a draw. So can’t complain but think we had the chances to win it. Good workman like performance. I thought Sandro looked decent at least he stayed on his feet unlike Wilson. COYS

  • Jerard says:

    I thought we played fantastic stuff. Was impressed with Modric’s shooting from distance. Kabould was superb and so was Ekotto. Crouch was pathetic and has been so for a long long time. Perhaps Keano and Pav would have been better bets from the start. Crouch showed a lack of vision. Anyway, a draw is better than a loss. We need to beat MANURE away to make a real statement, I feel.

  • R Black says:

    Gomes 6 Quiet out there.

    A&E 8 Played well in defence, and in giving attacking outlet.

    Begbie 6 Good game without doing anything great or really bad.

    Gallas 6 Way better than in our european adventure.

    Kaboul 7 Played very well defensively and tried to get us up the pitch on a few occasions.

    Azza Blud 7 Getting back to his old self, no idea why he was substituted for Crouch unless he needed a rest, aw bless.

    Sarge 5 He was ok but still a shadow of his former self.

    Modders 8 Did all he could to keep Spurs ticking along, a five man midfield suits him.

    Bale 7 Looked a bit wary after midweek but still put in a good shift

    VdV 7 Class act he is, yes he tried hard without huge effect today, goal aside(was going in anyways) .

    Crouch 3 Erm Why? wasteful & inept outlet, FAIL

    Sandro 6.5 …but should almost certainly command 7?s and 8?s in future. He will be quite a star, lots to learn yet, but im impressed.

    Pav 6 Not impressed with are fit forwards, but i think Pavs better than Crouch by a little way, with a run he might be quite good.

    Harry IMO should’nt have started with Crouch or Sarge(Even if his mum was in the crowd), Pav & Sandro for me. Oh and where is Kranjcar whats he done wrong i would have picked him over sarge today, with the Hudd & Jenas resting.

    Ref 3 Blind
    Linesman 3 Blind

    • Kevin C says:

      I’m impressed with Sandro as well. His subtle little ball winning tackles and his accurate flicks and passes. Will be the main DM before long and will help us see out away games and even get us 3 points when were stalemate.

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