Date: 23rd October 2010 at 2:52pm
Written by:

Quite a kerfuffle, then.

The first half was certainly more watchable than the second. But the whole gig was undermined by a referee that I predict if you  call him in a years time you’ll hear, ‘Hi Dominoes, Marc speaking…’ on the other end of the phone.

Ratings then…

Gomes 6 Little to do

A&E 8 As good as it gets. Nice , fella.

6 Attacking, but his passing was ‘iffy’.

Gallas 5 Couple of decent moves, but looks a bit pants.

Kaboul 8 Defensively – extremely good stuff.

7 Played very deep and his tracking back was often immense.

Sarge 5 Largely the victim of a rather retarded Ref.

8 Not a luxury player, Smith you tool…

8 Wot No Hattrick? Bale Out!

8 Class act.

Crouch 5 Achieved little. A poor Ref, but he failed to move on from that fact.

Sandro 6 …but should almost certainly command 7’s and 8’s in future.

4 Not a dig. I love the chap, but he produced schnichts.