Date: 21st October 2010 at 10:15am
Written by:

I’m not sure I enjoyed that.

Fifteen minutes of public humiliation followed by having to watch a loved one emerge from a coma.

It gives me no pleasure to refer to my last blog and mumble under my breath, I told you so. This is a territory usually occupied by w*ankers. But the reality is, whatever ’s tactical intentions were or were not, the weakest element in the equation was undoubtedly ’s defense.

Here are my ratings. Tell me yours.


Was it a penalty? Yes it was. Daft challenge. Amateur night from the Octopus.

Hutton 3

Looked unfit. Off the pace and … Hungover?

Gallas 3

I overlooked his murky past as he was a top notch footballer. I was done. Anonymous. Again.

Bassong 3

Another Invisible Man. Not the required standard.


He did little wrong, he was simply outplayed.

Azza Blud 6

A game where duff crosses cost the most. He’s not on form.

Jenas 6

Not a bad shift. I may be coming close to giving him a break.


King of the ball watchers.


He scores 3 when we’re 4-0 down. Bar turning , what more could he have done?

– beyond me why he was the one to come off. Should have been Hudd.

Crouch 4

Just didn’t achieve anything.

Palacios 5

Efficient but no huge impact

Keane 5

Another not very super sub.

Cudicini 6

What a horrible game to be hurled into.