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I’m not sure I enjoyed that.

Fifteen minutes of public humiliation followed by having to watch a loved one emerge from a coma.

It gives me no pleasure to refer to my last blog and mumble under my breath, I told you so. This is a territory usually occupied by w*ankers. But the reality is, whatever Arry’s tactical intentions were or were not, the weakest element in the equation was undoubtedly Tottenham’s defense.

Here are my ratings. Tell me yours.

Gomes 2

Was it a penalty? Yes it was. Daft challenge. Amateur night from the Octopus.

Hutton 3

Looked unfit. Off the pace and … Hungover?

Gallas 3

I overlooked his murky past as he was a top notch footballer. I was done. Anonymous. Again.

Bassong 3

Another Invisible Man. Not the required standard.

A&E 5

He did little wrong, he was simply outplayed.

Azza Blud 6

A game where duff crosses cost the most. He’s not on form.

Jenas 6

Not a bad shift. I may be coming close to giving him a break.

Huddlestone 4

King of the ball watchers.

Bale 10

He scores 3 when we’re 4-0 down. Bar turning water into wine, what more could he have done?

Modders – beyond me why he was the one to come off. Should have been Hudd.

Crouch 4

Just didn’t achieve anything.

Palacios 5

Efficient but no huge impact

Keane 5

Another not very super sub.

Cudicini 6

What a horrible game to be hurled into.

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  • Ossie says:

    by far the worst player on the pitch was thudd, said from the start he will never impose himself on a decent team, didn’t make a tackle all game. To be fair though, Hutton was far behind him, hopefully that will put to bed the debate on him starting ahead of Corluka (who is a DEFENDER that can actually DEFEND). Also, what is the point of Cudicini, how the 3rd and 4th goals went in I do not know, who many goals has he given away this season now?

  • hoopspur says:

    Personally I think you are being very generous with your marks for A&E and Keane.

    I hold Bennie directly responsible for the 2nd goal – he was asleep and on the wrong side. For that alone I give him 3.

    Keane – wtf? Where did 5 come from, although I suppose he made a perfect block tackle on Jenas when he was powering forward.

    Azza did alright. Need to get the ball to him more – he made the 3rd. Not his fault if there was no one to pass the ball to in the middle. Crouch was a disaster in the box – saw him snarl once too! Almost worth an extra point for that alone, but on reflection no, PC was shit.

    • Ossie says:

      i have to disagree, Bennie positioning was good, it was the two centre halves standing next to eachother marking the same man that left the space between BAE and the centre half

  • DL10 Yid says:

    Bale has well and truly put himself in the shop window for spectacular offers to be made if not in January then during the summer window.
    Some will test the resolve of My Levy as to whether we really are a selling club.
    Best hat trick of any Spurs player I have seen in the last 40 years of supporting them.

  • spurs61 says:

    I know I had previously said that a true Spurs fan would rather see a 4-3 loss than a dull one nil victory, but I think the lads took me a little too literally. If Gallas was a horse he would be shot for what was frankly the worst non-performance I’ve seen from a centre half for many a year. Bring back Vega or Netherclott, they surely could do no worse.

    In addition, can anyone recall the last time a CL side went away to opposition as good as Inter without a genuine defensive midfielder in the eleven? No, me neither, suicidal team selection from Harry who compounded it by leaving us one man short in the midfield against arguably the most effective and ruthless midfield in Europe. Crazy, just crazy. The score should have read; Inter 4 Spurs 0 Bale 3.

    • Chrispurs says:

      Just do one thing for me please spurs61, predict a 4-1 victory for Spurs in the return; and first and last scorers. Thanks!

      • spurs61 says:

        Err ok then. I predict a 4-1 victory, VDV scoring our first and Pav scoring last.

        Happy now Chrispur?! And if you put a bet on that I want 50% of your winnings!

        Incidentally, thought this would make you laugh, quote from Telegraph commentary after game – “Some idiot predicted 0-0 at kick-off. But when you’ve got players of the calibre of Eto’o, Sneijder and Bassong on the pitch, goals won’t be long in coming.”

  • TMWNA says:

    Pulled from the last blog now c/w ratings:

    A spirited face saving fight back against a team that had for the most part, stopped playing in the second half after completely humiliating us (Or did we humiliate ourselves?) in the first 15(!) minutes.

    In our defence, we were playing the European and Italian champions, but that’s all we had in our defence last night as our whole back 5 (4) was a shambles. With King on his last leg and the others consistently inconsistent or plain rubbish, it’s a real worry that only Dawson, who also has his faults, can be considered ‘good enough’ for the future.

    Like rabbits in headlights, players were caught ball watching time after time. People bang on about preferring to lose 4-3 than winning 1-0 with defenders playing professionally and earning their dough, not me.

    I’m sure some of our fans walk around in a daze of past glories and a head full of Blanchflower/Nicholson quotes. The big difference there is that those boys actually won trophies.

    J***s (5) was deemed by some to have played well in the second half after being largely culpable for the first half rout by failing to track back after his botched tackle which led to their first. Although it’s more than he does usually, playing the odd decent pass does not a good performance make. I also noted that he did his old trick of hiding behind players rather than moving into space to receive a pass.

    Yes, we were down to ten and had J***s alongside him, but ‘hollywood’ Tom (4) was run rings round in the middle and so another big game passes him by. Lennon (6) played well in patches and brilliant Bale (9) put himself in a shop window the size of Europe, papering the cracks and saving our blushes. As for that gormless prick (3) up front, say no more.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      Sorry I meant to bring that over…

    • RBG says:

      How can you criticise Jenas – he was the only 1 showing for the ball, Huddlestone passed 3 average balls in 80 minutes you knob!!

      Jenas was takleling, passing and doing what huddlestone cant (running) i would easily give him a 7


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