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Good morning my dears.

It’s been a very long time since Spurs won at Old Trafford. In fact some of the very fresh faced amongst you weren’t even born.

It’s a crumb of comfort that we frequently play some of our brightest football against Manure, but all too frequently walk away pointless.

The set up isn’t a complicated one. We are seemingly incapable of scoring via our strikers. My fear is that we don’t have a more sophisticated plan than knock downs from 3MP. If that is Arry’s strategy then…

Hernandez is rapidly entering territory whereby folk will be calling him free-scoring. The rat faced Bulgarian’s form has improved. whether the little rodent can ‘do it’ against us will itself be the cause of at least four and and half thousand Saturday night headlines.

Let’s have a look at the betting eyecatchers…

Bale and Crouch seem long prices for anytime goalscorer. 4/1 and 3/1 respectively. Long shot of long shots – Spurs to win with a long shot 17/2. Cautiously optimistic would describe an away win by the margin of just one goal and that vends at 11/2 which suddenly looks like a sensible place to head for.


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  • Paul F says:


  • kaiskama says:

    Will flatter to deceive as usual.
    Then Utd win

  • Jay says:

    Hard one to call, I think we have a better team than United, only Berbatov and Vidic would get into our team I think and even them 2 arent something we should fear, but I think we will bottle it as always second half, there is a serious psychological problem there, we seem to fear them no matter who plays.
    I think Giggs and Rooney out is massive, and if we can keep that show pony Nani quiet we will do good, but I can see Hutton getting destroyed.
    3-1 to united for me :(

  • TMWNA says:




  • WelshSpur says:

    An exciting 1-2 away win result! VDV to grab the winner in the last 5 minutes. COYS!!

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