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Hello Young Lovers

This is good. I mean really good. It’s tip top …but even more better.

The Spurs Double 61 isn’t a just a book. It’s not something you sort of read. It’s one of those rare things that come along that you look upon as confirmation you were sort of right, kind of going in the right direction after all anyway. The first football book that ever did that for me was Desmond Morris’ ‘Soccer Tribe’.

You know the book peddling drill by now, ‘lavish collector’s item’, ‘previously unseen behind-the-scenes photographs’, ‘newspaper cuttings’ and ‘match programmes’ galore… But in this instance it’s all wonderfully true.

Anyway. I have a copy to giveaway. To raffle. To grace one lucky readers’ shelf.

So here’s your chance to swerve the RRP. Name the 2 concealed Legends, put your name into the HH hat.



Who are these mystery men? Well I’ll tell you this, unlike many of recent times they are a part of why we believe. Permission to struggle to hold back a tear and make it look as if you’ve simply got something in your eye.

Mail me your answers to

And please do not forget that should you wish to actually buy a copy, then you cannot get it cheaper on Planet Earth than when taking advantage of the HH promotional code – details of which are available HERE I’m cheaper than the naffin’ publisher!

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