Date:26th October 2010 at 8:56am
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Online petitions then…Eeausch.

The older I get the more hostile I become to things that do not work. It’s like whoever was put in charge of natural selection forgot that there was other stuff out there beyond us animals. So I kindda vowed the only way I’m going within 10 ft of another online petition was if I got paid.

This is worth dragging into the limelight however – and I’m gutted to add, no money changed hands.

There was a time when I let Andy Gray bother me. I remember watching us beat Villa one time and as the third Spurs goal went in, the man who delivers the banal as if it were the word of God nit picked and grizzled at Tottenham short comings and how superior the Villa play was.

But then by being relentlessly exposed to this virus of a man, my immune system kicked in. Suddenly all I could hear was a dull hum of emphatic, exaggerated nothingness. Don’t get me wrong, he still sneaks through now and again. Joe Hart’s penalty save at the weekend was superb. Gray called it as a fluke.

This petition then.

Alan Smith used to niggle just because of his monotonous drone. But his pro Arsenal bias has now reached a point where it needs curbing.

With the score in the recent Cup game at 1-1 he was using phrases like ‘men against boys’ and whilst Jack Whilshire did stand out in the first half, he disappeared in the second. This didn’t deter Smith continuing his pitch though. We got the entire brochure. Each page lovingly hand turned by the devoted fan.

I like passion. I do. I don’t want to listen to a Speak Your Weight Machine. But Smith needs to find some balance. Only a percentage of his audience want to hear him gush about Arsenal. But 100% of his audience pay his wages.

Sign this HERE and at least you can tell your kids you tried to do something.