Date:11th October 2010 at 1:13pm
Written by:

Hello viewers.

There are slow news days and there are slow news days.  Mooching about the bottomless resource that is the www, it appears that our options are naffing sparse.

We can either make up a Bale/Kranjcar transfer rumour, we could even just C&P such a tale from a national newspaper, or we could all dress up in cloaks like those crazies in the Dragnet movie and sacrifice Blistering Bob Keane to Kickimwhehesdown, the little known Mayan god of Random Kickings.

So in the interests of all parties concerned and to quite frank to have a go on a little gadget I have on here, lets get gratuitous. ‘Phwooars’, ‘Cors’, ‘Stone mes’ and ‘Blimeys’ are freely available from Reception.