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This Saturday would be a copper bottomed opportunity for the Lilywhites to disprove my ‘bunch of feckless drunkards’ theory and come out swinging and wallop Aston Villa.

I’m not being miserable in fact I am still getting letters of complaint from the neighbours under the ‘No Excessive Mid-Week Wooping’ clause in my tenancy agreement. It’s just that the victory in the Champions League was fab, but it has to be said that they would have been fortunate to have ended up three goals ahead of a decent Premiership side based on that performance. So it will be just dandy if they can go out and compound the happy vibe opposed to look a bit crumpled around the edges and play with their iPods still on.

Apparently last week Houllier went and sat in the home dug out at Wolves. Bless.

And now an appeal. Of sorts. For just two pounds a month…

I’m putting together a podcast. A HH podcast. Ask not for whom the podcast tolls. It tolls for thee, for me, in fact for bloody all of us. It’s my gift to the nation.

As we speak it is shaping up quite nicely and the highly esteemed One Dave Mackay and I have only been ejected from a handful of the capital’s finest restaurants and fleshpots.

This is now your opportunity to get involved should you feel so inclined!

Ideas for content are certainly very welcome and so are offers of contribution in any shape or form that are entirely free of charge. I do not need to rent a car from your brother nor do I need 15% off the cost of some paint. This is a request for creative input not a redistribution of wealth exercise.

Maybe you are the conductor of a big band orchestra and want to offer to do all the musical themes and breaks, perhaps you are secretly the CEO of SonyDisneyMacTendo Uk Ltd and see this as a unique chance to sponsor what will be an unmitigated corker of a show.

Maybe you would like to be broadcast on it in some capacity? All I ask is that you have something worth listening to and don’t sound like Ed Miliband meets Jerry Lewis. A background in the sex phone line business may prove advantageous.

Anyway, let me know via

Keep it Tottenham!

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