Woodgate Operation 100% Success – Glory be!

Image for Woodgate Operation 100% Success – Glory be!

Bloody Mary, anyone?

Let’s hope that this is right. It purports to include a player quote, so it looks good!

Jonathan Woodgate as regular readers will know has been out with gout ever since the Carling Cup winner’s party where he was last seen shouting ‘Limbo, limbo, limbo!’ as PSB and Teemu bundled Azza Blud under a table.

“Operation a 100% success. Treatment and rehab going really well …hope to be back in the squad in January… Harry and Spurs have been brilliant and I owe them.” © Rabbi Crackers on FTL.

Woodgate was and hopefully will be again,  a magnificent asset to Spurs.


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  • Mark says:

    I really hope he makes it back. This is a good news day for Spurs as Hudd has escaped a UEFA ban.

  • Mike says:

    If this is legit and he can get back to his pre injury form it will be like signing a new proven £12million centre back. Fantastic news.

  • spursboy1882 says:

    Finger’s crossed this is true! Would be great news for us and Woody, after all his injuries he deserves a bit of good news, he has been fantastic for us and hope to see him back in a spurs shirt soon alongside the legend that is Ledley King!!! COYS.

  • BOF says:

    Far too early to call this a “100% success”. He hasn’t even put a pair of boots on yet, much less had a training session. Encouraging news I agree, but a hell of a long way to go from the operating table to the league table.

    • Harry Hotspur says:


      Mate, what is wrong with you? That is a quote from the naffing player himself.

      You have become a parody of yourself.

      Embrace the fact that no website in the world needs you to ‘mark it out of ten.’ You come across like a frustrated traffic warden.

      Yet again.

      • Sulley says:

        brilliant comment Harry, talk about too many of ‘our’ own fans always looking at life with ‘glass half empty’ view :-D :-D :-D :-D

        embrace our situation people… does nothing make you happy!!!


    • hoopspur says:

      Probably hasn’t even managed to get his trousers on yet!

  • Trembly says:

    Having a fit and reliable Woody is good for our potency in Europe 8o

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