Date: 7th November 2010 at 4:55pm
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Autobiographies are a mixed bag.

On paper the autobiography of a player – that may be primarily known in this country to many people for one amazing Cup winning goal that highlighted a spell at a (then) First Division team that lasted only 4 years – might be a bit of a thin read.

The problem with that theory is that this is ’s autobiography. Consequently all ‘dull book’ bets are well and truly off.

What fires this autobiography along is Villa. He’s intelligent, articulate and he’s telling what is genuinely a fascinating story. Sure there are gems galore in relation to the whole Ossie & Ricky era, but this is more than that.

The Tottinghams hand selected me as a fan at an early age. Villa’s contribution to our history merely underlined I’d been adopted by the right firm.

I am interviewing the winner himself in the next few weeks or next month or something and would be happy to field him questions supplied by HH readers, so speak now of forever hold yer wotsits.

The book is available globally for the monies quoted on the dust cover. Naturally, discerning punters can get it on a never to be repeated HH knock down deal HERE. I am cheaper than the publisher. that one out.