Arsenal Release North London Derby DVD

Image for Arsenal Release North London Derby DVD

This luxuriously boxed commemorative DVD comes to you, the discerning Arsenal collector in order that it might grace your home and serve as an aide memoir of one of the finest first halves to ever be witnessed in the majestic and noble setting what is Les Emptycrates stadium.

Loving restored Arsenalization images are for the very first time made available to be relived again and again right up until the 45th minute.

Each magnificent cinematic sensation arrives direct to your door and in less time it takes you to say, ‘Bugger moi j’ai renversé de l’eau partout dans mon costume demob.’ You’ll be carried away by the hypnotic propagandist tones of Andy Gray.

Send no money now. Once you agree to just six monthly installments of £19.99 (+ P&P) this fabulous 45 minutes – one of the bitterest footballing pills that the mighty Tottinghams have ever had to swallow  – can be dispatched direct to your door.

And to thank you for you early interest in this magnificent visual feast we are offering the first two collectors a lock of Alan Smith’s pubic hair, hand trimmed and encased in an Arsenal crested, velvetine pouch.

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  • bruce castle says:

    But that’s not all! If you order now it also comes with a free a hand crafted smashed water bottle and a pair of Pat Rice’s dung filled underpants

  • bruce castle says:

    *just pay separate P&P

  • Chrispurs says:

    Did you see the LeArse game tonight; Alan Smith couldn’t stop mentioning the Spurs game. How we were ‘fortunate’ to score the third goal. He needs to see a srink.
    But more to the point, they had a good pen turned down, and lost! Ha Ha!! :freu

    • spurlative says:

      Beat me to it. I don’t know this alan smith bloke but he sounds as though he needs to take that carrot out of his arsenal.

  • spurlative says:

    And they lost tonight against sporting braga…

  • spurlative says:

    About tomorrows game, I have a feeling we’re going to overestimate them as we tend to do with teams we should wollop. Give them too much respect because they’re a top top side and go a goal down before we realise we can beat them… I feel weary but don’t want to bring on the negative vibes… I hope we punish them.

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