Bindippers Indoors – The Prematch Prattle

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Hello honktonks.

This weekend will be more than interesting. Spurs are primed to smash all previous attempts in the ‘Faces With Egg On Them In One Football Stadium’ category in the Guinness Book Of Records.

Redschnapps, Gallas, Mickey Hazard, you name ’em… their appears to be a Tottinghams related punter on the end of every microphone in the country tipping us to win everything from Britain’s Got Gout to the Champions League itself.

Spurs have more form than Shergar when it comes to doing really well then completely failing to show up.

Liverpool arrive on a high – having beaten West Ham with some confidence last week – but my feeling is that their remission is a false one. Weight is added to my argument by the fact they are supposedly fielding Joe Cole. What a close shave that was.

My belief is that we will do them. But they will be a damn sight more difficult to break down if will pull the same stunt we did against The French and allow ourselves to  go one or two down. We need to be up and at ’em from the off.

Here’s my unique guide to losing money, then.

Us to win 2-1 is 7/1 HERE, Konchesky to be shown a card first is 14/1 HERE, Torres & J Defoe to both score in 90 minutes play is 6/1 HERE

And you can get a free £20 to bet when you drop a tenner HERE not to mention allow me to enjoy a banquet of turkey feet & chips come Christmas day.


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  • McG says:

    1st :-)

  • N says:

    Can Comolli claim the credit whoever wins tomorrow?

  • S says:

    I’m nervous about this – we haven’t exactly done well against defensive, well-organized, hard-working sides this season, and you can beat Woy will have them negative but well-drilled! Keep in mind they also have a rather good keeper. They could easily nick this like Wigan unless we play at a faster tempo with much better movement and pressing. Our resilience at coming back in games is great to see, but it’s really worrying that we’re down in the first place in our own home; we just haven’t dominated and controlled games comfortably in the PL this season.

    That said, we do have a few positives. First of all, our CBs have looked much better of late (though one of our fullbacks will probably have a mare). It’s the defending and pressing as a TEAM that we have to work on. We need to calm down and remember how good our pressing was in this fixture last season, we don’t need VdV or Bale to win as much as teamwork and movement and quick passing. It was our first game of last season and the memory of preseason Barca’s full press was still fresh.

    Secondly, Defoe is back – and he looks hungry. The threat of his pace is necessary to stretch defenses and force their lines deeper, so we don’t have to rely so much on pace and crosses from the wings to create chances for our rather hilariously slow strikers.

    Thirdly, we didn’t exactly exert ourselves against Bremen, so hopefully we’ll be fresher against Liverpool. I don’t see Bale having much of an impact except in dead ball situations since they’ll probably sit deep and/or double mark him, but our other players aren’t mugs either. I actually suspect they will stand off him, keep him wide and let him cross, because they’ll sit deep and defend the center. I’d like to see him drift centrally, where he also offers a great goal threat, with BAE making deep runs.

    The question is how to break them down in open play. It seems likely that Woy will have them play deep and narrow, pressing us hard through CM and forcing our play to the flanks where we’ll cross uselessly into an overcrowded box, then try to nick one on a counter with Torres. We need to pass and move much more quickly and intelligently on the ground; Modric will be pivotal to this match. Our passes in the final third have to be sharper; it’s not even so much that we’ve been unclinical, but that we haven’t created enough clear-cut chances in most league games this season.

    If we have VdV – well, he can score out of nothing, but we can’t rely on him all the time. Luckily, our top scorer in this fixture is playing – step forward, Jamie Carragher. :)

    I predict a tight, niggly game with a bunch of fouls. Set pieces could play a huge part. 1-0 Spurs, clean sheet please!

  • jerard says:

    We at home, lets smash them…coys

  • emspurs says:

    “they are supposedly fielding Joe Cole. What a close shave that was.”

    close on two counts. you can be sure that if we signed that particular member of the lollipop guild, we would have missed out on a certain Sir Vaart.

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