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Before we get stuck into a few hopefully well drawn thoughts on the game it would be criminal of me not to draw your attention to Blackburn’s ace in the hole.

Technically it’s sod all to do with Blackburn really, but @TheBigSam would be worth the price of admission alone if Twitter charged.

So, nonsense out the way for a nanosecond, let’s ave a look at this weekend’s slags. In the form stakes, the real Big Sam’s mob are a cigarette paper away from us. League positioning confirms this with Blackburn being only one point behind us and goal difference the reason why.

So we have enough players on the sick list to form their own team. Will this prevent the booing and groaning if all does not go according to plan? I think not.

Predictions? I still fancy us to win. Despite everything I expect us to win. An unedifying 1-0 is 11/2 -ish. For depressive money earners us to lead at half time, lose full time is about 33/1 for those seeking to find it.


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  • Lennon7 says:

    A tricky fixture, us to win 2-1. 451 formation of :
    Gomes, Hutton, Kaboul, Gallas, BAE, Kranjcar, Sandro (more likely Jenas) Modric, Bale, VDV, Crouch.

    I’m more interested in what ppl think about the January activity….

    Spurs Sales XI


    Smith.   Woody. Walker/      Naughton               
     (1m).     Free.   Hutton (2-4m) (2m)

                O’hara.         Jenas
                 (3m).           (6m)
    Bentley.                              Gio ???
       (7m).                               (4m)

                 Pav.          Keane
                (9m).           (7m)

    Total Sales = £42-44m
    Wages Saving = £450-500k per week
    Buy one striker £25m, increase key players to 90k salary cap per week eg Modric VDV Bale etc 

    So, Save £17-19m on player sales straight away and at least £250k per week on wages eg £13m per year.  

    Total save of £30+m a year.
    A trimmed squad to key players to stay competitive and still get game time, plus also enough room in the squad to promote the kids Rose, Livermore etc

    **the players mentioned are debatable obviously eg hutton gio walker etc, but you get the point!


  • Trembly says:

    Saw that Sun vid this early this morning. Someone posted that she was ‘beautiful, unbelievably gorgeous and absolute perfection’.

    Taken only on her own, and with nothing to comapre her to, she is probably indeed all those things. Problem is, as soon as she opens her mouth to speak/act she is less so. And then when you compare her to other ladies who grace page3, she is then not that unbelievable. When you compare her to many other women worldwide, she is then hardly what everyone might call perfection since there are some absolute stunners out there.

    The inter game at home could have been taken like that. Viewed individually – absolute perfection. Is there as unbelievably gorgeous a team as Spurs amid full flow? The point is that we should enjoy what we get when we get it and not always compare it to what else is out there.

    Like the Stones said, you can’t always get what you want…sometimes, you get what you need. The Bolton game gave us something we didn’t want. Sunderland too also almost failed to deliver, then did but then snatched it back straight away. We need the 3 points tomorrow, and my gut feeling is we’ll deserve them.

  • wilboid says:

    Don’t we usually beat these lot 2-0 at home? That is what I recall, and that is where my money is going. Obviously this isn’t based upon fact or reason, because my memory is nearly as full of holes as our defence.

  • Steveo1987 says:

    It’s about time we gave someone a hiding and I don’t mean JT’s dad. (I apologise for that last comment)

  • dutchman says:

    3 points tomorrow please..HH, your thoughts on Rafa to become our new Capitano..? He’s up for it imo..

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      I love him. In a dark, yearning way :silly:

      He needs to get used to the severity of the league, but the man has all the credentials for me.

      A natural leader – his primary charm being inspiration. Wow, I could go on for days!

      • dutchman says:

        He’s great isn’t he..Imo he’s up for the armband already..a guy the ‘big 4 refs’ will take seriously and man, did i love his reaction towards Webb re the assault on Modders..

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