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As Wazza Rooney off to a luxury stateside boot camp for conditioning it raises the question if Levy could get a group rate.

Alternatively, Spur players might want to give blogs and websites a go. It was difficult to find a single online piece that didn’t suggest they routinely taking their foot off the gas after a stellar performance and Bolton might well – at home and in good form – be up for doing ’em.

The game looked evenly balanced for a bit but that was a period of false remission. Turned out Bolton just needed a while to warm up.

Here’s some player ratings then.

Gomes As good as the back four in front of him. So shakey then. 4

Begbie Listless and hungover looking until he scored. Whodathunkit? 6

Gallas Got nothing right yesterday. Got much wrong. Bad signing. 3

Kaboul Back to being a trainee carthorse. 4

A&E Flashes of mediocrity unforgivably stupid penalty. 3

Sandro Off the pace is about as kind as I feel like being. 5

Palacios Hasn’t been the same since the funeral. 5

Huddlestone His fouls are becoming ‘anti football’ maybe he needs to be sold to Stoke. 5

Modders Contributed less and less as time went on. Depressing. 5

Krankie Rusty? Dusty? Not a fine performance. 5

Bentley Couple of good runs. Perhaps ought to have started. 6

Bale They double up’d on him, he still hit the post. His value sank to £49M. 7

3MP All the grace and usefulness of an ironing board collapsing. 4

Pav Came on and scored a goal that in any other game would have been historic. 7

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  • dermo says:


  • andy says:

    hmmm about rite with scores, i think a lot of this poor performances are down to coaching staff, we have soo many of them yet not any department did their jobs to a standard,
    do they not recognise that our supporters travel a long way to watch shit like that.
    tha midfield was poor and subsequently our whole team collapsed, rednapp shud of started hudd and either wilson or sandro, also bently or snails pace nico, who just ran around falling over,
    crouch is an embarrasment to the forwards union, am sure if we played a junior player he would of scored by now, crouch has started nearly all games from the season begun, and has scored erm 0, or is it 1 goal, a super poor return, probably the leagues worst .
    also bale should of been given a bench spot until second half and if needed given a run, he looks tired.

  • dermo says:

    as much as it pains me(and it does),i am getting pretty close to the point now where i was with ramos where i am almost hoping for a very bad run for harry to get the long as we keep this form up of playing the likes of inter off of the park and then look hopless against prem fodder he will be kept,so i fear for us to get a manager in that has the ability to take the next step we need a bad run.

  • Onedavemackay says:

    Can’t see how you can rate Modders the same as Krankie. The Modmaster was one of the few giving it some yesterday.
    And someone needs to find out what the Crouch thing is all about and put Arry straight before it costs us.

    Gough’s comment was telling: ” If I was in a battle how many Spurs players would I want on my side? Not many”. We miss Dawson our only real battler but if we are to improve we need more than just him.

    • AFelching says:

      Dawson is a huge miss, but there can be no excuses for yesterday’s sham. I think they’re beginning to think they are big time, I hope our manager has them in for a double dose of some serious training today. Wimps is the best word I can use to describe them. :sick:

      • Onedavemackay says:

        All the training in the world can’t make up for a lack of character.

        We need a big character to shake his fists and cajole a gritty performance out of them.

    • dermo says:

      agreed on the modders comment,for a small guy he can put himself about,but to give him the same rating as crouch, far as the crouch and harry thing costing us,it has and still is,i just cant figure it out.after the city game we should be 5 points adrift of 4th,and i just cant see us making it up with our form,would you honestly put all your money on us getting champs football for next season?,no way.

    • Harry Hotspur says:

      I felt they both threatened to do something exciting and both failed equally :shocked2:

  • rich g says:

    so now u can,t see us making forth, lmfao,

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