Date: 7th November 2010 at 10:42am
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As Wazza Rooney off to a luxury stateside boot camp for conditioning it raises the question if Levy could get a group rate.

Alternatively, Spur players might want to give blogs and websites a go. It was difficult to find a single online piece that didn’t suggest they routinely taking their foot off the gas after a stellar performance and Bolton might well – at home and in good form – be up for doing ’em.

The game looked evenly balanced for a bit but that was a period of false remission. Turned out Bolton just needed a while to warm up.

Here’s some then.

As good as the back four in front of him. So shakey then. 4

Listless and hungover looking until he scored. Whodathunkit? 6

Gallas Got nothing right yesterday. Got much wrong. Bad signing. 3

Back to being a trainee carthorse. 4

A&E Flashes of mediocrity unforgivably stupid penalty. 3

Off the pace is about as kind as I feel like being. 5

Palacios Hasn’t been the same since the funeral. 5

Huddlestone His fouls are becoming ‘anti football’ maybe he needs to be sold to Stoke. 5

Modders Contributed less and less as time went on. Depressing. 5

Krankie Rusty? Dusty? Not a fine performance. 5

Couple of good runs. Perhaps ought to have started. 6

Bale They double up’d on him, he still hit the post. His value sank to £49M. 7

3MP All the grace and usefulness of an ironing board collapsing. 4

Came on and scored a goal that in any other game would have been historic. 7