Clatterburg’s Life Is A Car Crash

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Good morning, fight fans.

Clatterberk referees so badly he’s been accused of being bent.
Charges by fans of corruption aimed at officials are common enough fare, but in the case of young Marky Mark they have been fueled by the disclosure that the man with the sensational syrup has on several occasions been up to his knickers in debt.

Both Spurs and Manchester United fans will be unsurprised to discover Mark Clattenburg’s life off the pitch is as much of a fiasco as it is on it.

He was appointed as a director of MC Electrical Retail NE Ltd on June 23 2008.
Four days later the firm was wound up under the Insolvency Act at Newcastle County Court over an alleged unpaid debt of £59,000 to fellow electrician John Hepworth.

It then came to light that another business, MC Electrical Services NE Ltd (spot the difference?) was wound up on January 23 2008  and Companies House records show the company folded owing £57,454 to trade creditors, HSBC Bank and HM Revenue and Customs. Mmmmn.

The FA suspended Clatternburg over this for failing to disclose his debts.

In November of the same year,  Clattenburg’s ex-girlfriend Susan Clegg was arrested on suspicion of trashing his Porsche Boxster, worth £40,000, which was vandalized outside his flat in Gosforth, Newcastle.

This is the same clown that made a complete fist of a Merseyside derby in 2007 which drew over 3,000 signatures on a petition to have him axed from refereeing.

In the match, Liverpool beat Everton 2-1 despite Clattenburg sending off two Everton players, giving Liverpool a disputed penalty and turned down two penalty appeals from Everton. After the game Mark received death threats.

Hotspur’s verdict?
Jack it in son. You’re out of your depth.

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  • Ron Burgundy says:

    Don’t think it’s fair to drag the guy’s personal business into this.

    He made a mistake, a stupid mistake, but as ridiculous as it may be that no one ever gets anything at Old Trafford, I’m sure it was nothing personal

    We were going to lose anyway, so I don’t see the need to carry this on. Move on FFS, we’ve got the biggest game in God knows how long tonight

    Lets focus on that, yeah?

  • Joe says:

    I agree with Ron. This sort of tabloid dirt raking is dispicible which I’d think most of us Spurs supporters are above. The mersyside incident is intresting though. I’m sure that you’re aware he was involved in the Pedro Mendes goal that never was debacle too?

  • vic says:

    The guy is, at best, incompetent and at worst corrupt. There are too many mistakes the favour the same team every time, but as Harry said, the FA just close ranks and cover it up. The guy should be suspended immediately.

  • fatlad says:

    hey ron, you,re using the word “mistake” when surely it should be MISTAKESSSSSSSS. The bloke is a bent c*nt on and of the pitch.about time he packed it in.

  • treehorn says:

    He’s a Scudamore dream. A weakness for the finer things in life, like sports cars and hair transplants.

    This guy would do anything for a quick buck. Maintain the status quo of the Sky4 by fixing games? Yeah, no problem.

    Rob Styles was another bent ref. His company was contracted to pave Roman Abramovich’s drive-way. Conflict of interests?

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