Date: 19th November 2010 at 8:22pm
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There appears to be just a tad more Goonerish posturing going on for this one than normal. Well we’ll just have to see about that.

Hopefully Redschnapps will grasp that when we are facing them it is not acceptable for whoever is in charge to field an understrength Mickey Mouse team.That game will be remembered for two things. repeatedly soiling himself whenever Wilshire touched the ball and a game that more resembled the Super Nintendo classic, Sensible Soccer than a real game of football.

So here’s to something that isn’t unwatchable this time round.

’s back and nothing would be finer than for the little fella to open his account with an onion sack busting brace against the Woolwich.

After the dull International between Engerlund and France there is serious talk about Sagna being able to walk on water doing the rounds. He is good, but my money is on his questionable temperament and him conceding a card against .

And this is where need to play a canny game. Seen the Fair Play League this season?

The dirty gooner scum sit rock bottom with 4 reds and 24 yellows. And this from Prof. DeMobSuit who whined on and on about the so called ‘Stokes, Bolton’s & Wolves’ of this world.

Spurs need to disrupt Le Arse from getting into their endless passing stride but equally it’s vital they don’t they don’t get embroiled in any fisticuffs type business and let the referee see them for what they are.  Are you listening, Tommy?

Bet wise I fancy any of these:

Defoe to score twice is 16/1 HERE, Penalty in the 2nd half 5/1 HERE, Half Time Score 1-0 – Full Time Score Tottenham 2-1 HERE

PS: I find the ‘Stand Up If You..’ song embarrassing full stop. I mean it. If they’re on the premises it makes us look like 10 year olds with ASBO’s doing Callanetics. If they aren’t on the premises, then it’s essentially a cry for help by those who still feel in the shade of a club that’s won naff all in years.