Have You Seen These Men? Urgent Appeal

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It has been announced that an urgent nationwide hunt is on for two men who went missing under  ‘suspicious circumstances’ in North London yesterday evening.

The men have been named as  Dougie Maicon and Wesser Sneijder. It is understood that both men were involved in a game of football that kicked off a little after 19.45 last night in the London borough of Haringay.

The appeal for information has swamped switchboards this morning but bizarrely all sightings completely cease minutes into what experts are calling, ‘the second half’.

Dougie Maicon, was last seen flagging down a taxi at half time and those heading up the investigation are very keen to speak to the driver of the vehicle.

The second man, who has been previously linked with a recent World Cup final disappearance was spotted being passed to and from several men in Lilywhite shirts who we understand, ‘took turns keeping him in their pockets’.

If you can help in any way, please contact our Grouptoppers Dept  HERE.

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  • tottenblog says:

    Two of the great chants of the night were for these two guys, “Taxi for Maicon” and “You’re just a shit van der Vaart, shit van der Vaaaaaart” for Sneijder

  • spurfanindia says:

    Still feels like a dream..COYS !

  • Magoolio says:

    What a game! We were superb!


  • Front Row Yid says:

    Harrys instructions (EXACT WORDS) at Bale were “Gareth run at him, he’s fucked”.

  • hoopspur says:

    Wah, wah, wah, wahhhhh!

    Still loving it. I’m amazingly layed back when the compliments from those around me (non Spurs supporters – even gooners) come rolling in. Most seem to hate Inter. Just loving it. Others are starting to believe.

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