Highlights & A Bark At Idiot Spurs Fans Who Can’t Zip It For Even One Minute

Image for Highlights & A Bark At Idiot Spurs Fans Who Can’t Zip It For Even One Minute

Good evening fight fans.

Literally for those of you, like me hoping to still be awake when two rather large gentlemen eventually take to the ring later on ce soir.

For which, I’ve opted for the Peter Cook approach. I want Haye to win, have backed Harrison for a KO or TKO and will be milling into copious, voluminous quantities of booze from the very moment I hit publish on this baby. All bets covered.

So what of today? The minute’s silence at The Lane was pretty abysmal. Stoke’s was poor, but then they are a cluster f*ck of tram-sheds on a main road, so car horns etc are not really negotiable. But cries of Yid Army were clearly audible. I’m water-boarding the next Spurs fan that annoys me. I have the will. On the G Gordan Liddy scale of determination I’m hitting a new DEFCON number.

We really do have some absolute brainless oafs in the Home sections these days.

A win marred by 2 daft goals the Spurs fans will say. Blackburn probably feel it was a win marred by 4 daft goals. So everyone’s a winner babe. That’s no lie. A trip, a soiree to Le Emptycrates awaits next time we’re ringside Premiership wise. Let’s hope they don’t do us on a TKO like Blackburn nearly did.

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  • emspurs says:


    we look fragile at the back


    william gallas is a hack

    other than that and the shameful idiocy of a fan or two, a job well done by the lads who were wearing, i think, the white shirts.

  • dutchman says:

    Good win..Bale, Rafa and Modders class..Daft defending last 15 mins indeed..Pav did a good revenge on missing sitters and a penalty before..Jenas wasn’t as bad as he usually is, but the guy is lightyears beyond the wavelength and skill of the rest of our midfield..Sorry Jermain, a move to the Geordies as far as i’m concerned..

    • nick says:

      JJ played really well, earned the penalty, nearly scored a great breakaway goal at the end and did nothing wrong. Other than that, you’re right he was awful!

  • AFelching says:

    Didn’t see any of the game, we won :daumen:.Any cunt caught disrespecting the minutes silence should be banned for life ;-)

  • Snap says:

    Last time I was at the back of Park Lane lower I was mortified by the gobby black-cab-badge-wearing wankers who were more interested in their own sad shouts and conversations than what was happening on the pitch. They make me puke. Have a nice evening.

  • Big Fish says:

    Very entertaning game and a thoroughly deserved win. I actually thought Jenas had his best game for ages and if he can find some consistency I say we hang on to him.

    As for the noise during the minute silence, I think there was confusion. A message was announced that a bugle would play the Last Post which would be followed by a minute silence. Everyone was quiet for the Last Post but when it ended, clearly a proportion of the crowd thought that was the end of the silence and started cheering. The ref didn’t know what to do as there was no way of quietening the crowd again. There then followed a farcical situation where images of soldiers, poppies and famous faces appeared on the giant screens, while the crowd was shouting in preparation for kick off, but the ref had to hold things back so the game could start at 3pm.

    • VdV says:

      Exactly right Big Fish. As usual, soapbox harry is getting on his high horse from the comfort of the armchair next to his wireless set.

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