Inter Milan Indoors – Prattle Galore

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Proper Champions League and no mistake this. Inter Milan turning up with a ball under their arm, boots on and everything.

More good news than the Good News Bible. Huddlestone and VdV are back from the brink and ready to rock. It is difficult to believe that minus the Dutchman we’d be half as confident. The flashes of wonder we got from him and that man Modders at Old Trafford were a pleasure to watch.

Let’s have a butchers at the betting.

Thrill seekers might enjoy Half Time Inter Full Time Tottenham @25/1. Bale, Bale, Bale Anytime Goalscorer is a tempting enough 7/2 and Modders 4/1. Long shot of long shots to pay for your swanky new T Shirt and allow you to order so much takeaway pizza they’ll think you’re a hoax call … 1-1 at Half Time and Spurs to win 3-1 is 100/1.

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  • toddspur says:

    Team news (not from the orses mouth);

    Hutton, Bassookers, The Bull, A&E
    Lennon, Modric, Thudd, Baler

    Prediction; lots of goals; score draw

    • Fiedor says:

      Not Bassoon, even G#ll@s is preferable to the Bassman. Inter will rip us a new one if Bass plays. Oh, and if Jenus or PSB are in the starting line up I will have a fit. :-p :unsure: :sideways:

  • AFelching says:

    Let’s `Ave the Dego Slag’s :-p

  • Yesblud says:

    Here’s my VdV song. I happen to think it’s a corker:
    To the tune of Yellow Submarine-

    And we all could tell a tale,
    Of Aaron Lennon, and Gareth Bale,
    And we know we’re gonna win,
    With Michael Dawson, and Ledley King,

    Spurs will win the league with Rafa Van de Vart,
    Rafa Van de Vart, Rafa Van de Vart,
    Spurs will win the league with Rafa Van de Vart, Rafa Van de Vart, Rafa Van de Vart.

  • hoopspur says:

    I predict the return of Azza to our hearts. Tormenting and even have him down for a goal. I like 3 or 4-1!

  • jolsgonemental says:

    more importantly. any one know if the victoria line is going to be running after the game due to these striking no marks..

    TFL website is frankly shite. how farcking vague is ‘some lines may not be running’.

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