Date:16th November 2010 at 10:22am
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Mornin’ ladies,

The aftermath of DancesWithScones injury announcement has set the Yiddisphere into a bit more of a spin than usual. And understandably so. Not because Tommy was central to our plans to defeat the evil Dr Wenger, but it just underlined how limited our choices for game will be.

On an upbeat note, Jenas appears to playing football to considerably higher standard than perhaps he has in several seasons.

Some gossip from FTL for you… Nothing gets discussed before the game or in training regarding corners, only defending them and then it’s only the defenders that get special instructions. Arry doesn’t talk tactics at all, he just names the starting eleven and tells everyone to work hard, enjoy themselves and give the fans what they want. He hasn’t once used the tacticsboard in the dressing room. In training they don’t do much

And…Carroll is a real possibility, the board feel they can talk to Chris and sell him a player in a swap deal.
Harry likes Carroll and feels he would fit perfectly into our Future system. The only problem is the temperament & move to London. We don’t have the most sensible of lads in our squad and a few of the staff are worried that if he came to us he would end up out with Defoe, Lennon, Hudd etc.

Also word from the training ground is that the Gym is far more fun than training at the moment, and the players on the pitch look envious as they pass the gym and see the other lads mucking about in the warm.

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