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I have a feeling in my water. It might simply be a hazardously full catheter, or it could be a sense that Arry is becoming increasingly teed orf with the Tottinghams faithful. He has every right to be miffed.

Spurs are arguably playing some of their most entertaining and successful football since the Boer war and still the deep groans and booing is only seconds away from being unleashed.2 points from 8 games when he came in, Champions League football and all that.

Arry knows damn well that he is a front runner for Fabio’s job. It’s a role he was made for and one he wants. Here’s my top 5 candidates for step into his still warm loafers…

Timothy Sherwood

Pros – After a conveyor belt of duff strangers it has been mooted that an inside job may produce better results. I have an irrational dislike of Sherwood. He just has a cadish look about him. This might make for a good thing if he were successful as I wouldn’t need to wait for him to make a balls of it before a went for his jugular. Cons – He’s a cad.

Chris ‘Hughts’ Hughton

Pros – The closest thing you can get to Martin Jol with being bear hugged and ending up smelling of John Player Specials. Armed with only a Staples account card and a gang of coke sniffing, bird roasting, street fighting modern day visi goths, he has managed Newcastle with some aplomb. Cons – Another ‘devil you know’.

Jose Mourinho

Pros – Belter of a manager. Linked with every managerial job this side of Tibet. This of course is fueled by the man himself who announces every 3 days that he misses some country or another, is always looking for the ultimate challenge, likes airplane food etc etc etc. Cons – More chance of Slur Alex going teetotal.

Dame Vera Lynn

Pros – This would be the ultimate in appointing a completely English manager. She knows how to slug it out against the Europeans, is permanently cheery and comes complete with bundles of songs for the terraces. Why have Fat Sam when you can have Slim Lynn? Cons – May be die any minute.

Louis Walsh

Pros – His management abilities precede him. This is the man who turned 2 talentless South County Dublin fresh facedyoungsters into millionaires and to the best of my knowledge without selling their orifices to wealthy Arabs. Cons – Come On You Spurs! would stand a good chance of being be changed to Cooee! You Spurs!

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  • abe says:

    Jose please

  • jolsgonemental says:

    whats wrong with letting them all have a go on a rotating basis? Apprentice team leader style.

    We can then either boo them off or save them for the next week.

  • Ned says:

    Would be just like Tottenham to shoot itself in the foot and start on the manager merry go round again when things are going well. Time to back Redknapp imo.

  • Rio says:

    Just posted on another blog but relevant to this thread.

    Another point on Harrys comments.

    Having been at the game, the noise was a mix of frustrated groaning, and a few out-and-out idiot boo’s at the team.

    Please forgive the broad generalisation, just my observations, but it is often those, certainly around where I am, who come to 1 or 2 games a season who come out with the greatest amount of nonsense. I can understand it though, they spend most of the season following Spurs on MOTD/Sky etc, form opinions about certain players and use the opportunity to let them be known. They don’t care if they boo because they’ve spent up to £50 (or more) on a ticket, but if things aren’t going our way, and if they’re not being entertained by Bale leaving full backs on their arses, or our strikers not banging in hat tricks, then they will have their pound of flesh one way or another. Performances like Milan leave people, fairly logically perhaps, thinking that buying a ticket at WHL will guarantee seeing something special, when unfortunately it just doesn’t work like that. Unusually, there were several hundred tickets still available from the box office for Sunderland which gave those who don’t get over to Tottenham very often a chance to get a ticket, and only a week after such a memorable performance against Milan, they turned up in their droves expecting another glory glory night. Sunderland was never going to match the magic of last week but when you’ve spent so much money on a rare opportunity to see Tottenham live, your expectation levels are rightly elevated, and a lot of people were left disappointed.

    Harrys comments were poorly judged because he failed to highlight the fact that it was a small minority of fans who let their opinions be known. And yes, he could have justifiably apportioned some of that booing towards the referee. Personally, I was frustrated by a lack of effort or urgency by us after they equalised, compounded by the fact that Harry refused to make a change despite the obvious need for a different approach. His comments about ‘they’ve got nothing to complain about’ we’re also ridiculous. A home win to Inter in the middle of 2 disappointing home draws and 2 fairly abject away performances in the bread and butter of the league… actually Harry, that isn’t acceptable. Booing is never ok but to say ‘they’ve got nothing to complain about’ is at best naïve, at worst, stupid.

    On the sarcastic ‘they’re used to league titles etc…’ comment. Again, at best, missed the point, at worst, stupid. We don’t expect 5-0 home wins every time, but to keep pressing for a winner, especially at home, rather than coast to an almost stand still against a mediocre side is not acceptable. Like it or not, performance expectation levels have risen off the back of his excellent work, so he can’t complain about a bit of frustration at a mid-table result when he has made us into a top 4 side. Is it justifiable to say ‘look at how we beat Milan’ if we end up finishing 10th? He can’t have it both ways. He reels off lists of players we have at our disposal to highlight what a great job he’s done since he’s arrived (which he has, I would never dispute that), but then people get frustrated at him for not using them or playing them out of position and he lashes out. There was a lot to admire in the 1st half when we were unlucky not to score but the consistent profligacy from set pieces and a worrying lack of motivation against mid-bottom sides from handsomely rewarded individuals under his stewardship means he is not yet above reproach, which he obviously feels he is.

    In summary, no 2 from 8 style crisis but still a lot of work to do from Harry, the players and the fans.

    • Astromesmo says:

      Good summary (I use the word advisedly) and worth slogging through!

      The games the regulars avoid generally get filled with the kind of types that go to Wembley and then don’t bother leaving the bar at half-time. Kind of sad but if we get the Northumberland Project off the ground, it’s something that will become a weekly reality.

    • Leckie says:

      I didn’t think Harrys comments were poorly judged or sarcastic. He was just making the point that we have done well over the past two years and those that were booing have short or clouded memories. I would have been far more cutting and sarcastic myself if I were in his shoes.

  • Stuart Munday says:

    The fans have every right to express their opinions. We pay a lot of money and suooprt our team win lose or draw. Releasing a bit of frustration is part of being a football fan. Harry goes on about how Spurs fans have never had it so good, well you take the Inter game out and we have only won 2 out of 6 homes games in the league (and we havnt even played the top 3 at home yet). Harry take the job with England, carry on writing for the son, You have done a great job but its time to let a top class coach have a go.

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