We Done ’em.

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So my penalty in the 2nd half thing from the previous blog came true.

This officially means I am able to predict the future. Ish. A bit. Maybe.

At last, I can dump you schmucks that have always held me back – get my own TV show and concentrate on be a regular on ThisĀ  Awning, er This Morning… like that clinically obese schwarzer that is now chuckling/sweating up the jungle on ITV.

Am I on TV yet?

Here’s the goals, my friends…

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  • Shabba says:

    The best Spurs squad I have seen in my 20 years in supporting the boys.

    Well done boys for showing the character and desire to come back and whup them in their own backyard!!

    It was not just that we won, but how we won after being 2-0 down in our biggest enemies backyard.

    I dont care what you say about Harry – he came in just to shore us up but has proved that he can manage & achieve with resources – and has given us long suffering fans the times of our lives!!

  • Shabba says:

    And I totally agree with his pyschology -better to aim high and try to win the league and if we slip up then we hopefully fall into a Champ League spot. We all know that its gonna be totally unrealistic to win the league with our leaky defence though but if you dont aim high then you dont achieve! This makes up for losing at the East End scum! And Wneger losing it and wetting himself with the water bottle just put the cherry on the top!!

  • Tommy_Puddle says:

    That Nasri….what a tnuc, take that.

    Well done lads!

  • LodgeSpur says:

    Well done to the boys for not given in. 2 years ago we would have crumbled after half time.

    Today had players playing gor the shirt.

    Gallas was bloddy brilliant, hat off to you sir!

    ‘Weigner’ after the game not admiting that we are have turned a corner & answers there are 10 teams in for the title race.

    This will cheer you up even more!

    Have a bloody good weekend!

    Like you said HH before, ‘i just looked in the mirror, i seem to be smirking’ ;)

  • Ned says:

    Our CM could not cope first half but at least once Defoe was one we had a lively outlet up front which changed the game and Harry went for the win when others might have played it safe.

    Great day to be a Spurs fan!

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