Both Goals …And Thank God For Levy

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This was another game that the Tottinghams of old would have found cause to botch in some way. Roughty toughty northerners showing up on your doorstep looking for bother, a chill in the air. No thank you missus.

Cheatski’s demise at the hands of The French will have undoubtedly cause ripples of delusional grandeur at the Emptycrates, but Arsenal have yet to beat anyone good. For the first time in a long time we sit fourth and actually look worth every penny.

Arry was interesting on Talksport after the game. Essentially he confirmed the interest in Scott Parker and the fact that the Porn Barons don’t want to sell him. But better still was the comment that Levy & Co are keen, yes keen to get in a player that will ‘make the difference’ and underline the achievements so far.

This is bloody good news. The Champions League foray has been a runaway success with the filthy loot having to be shoveled into the vaults as the value of ‘the brand’ soars. I know I’m in the minority in embracing the Stratford move, but the contrast between the silky, free scoring Lilywhites and the odious Primark Massive is stark.

In this day and age when you have chicken magnates sacking football managers it’s a huge, huge asset to a club when the Director has the intelligence and foresight that Levy has.

Tottingham Hotspur. The 10 men specialists. Here’s both goals and I’m still looking for the headbutt.



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  • Spurlative says:

    Lovely game to win

  • Mhspurs says:

    I’m never first!

    Great performance today. Silly sending off but not sure how that clown was still on the pitch. More poor refereeing.

  • jerard says:

    Waiting 4 the repeat 2nyt in 3 hrz…

  • seattlespursguy says:

    I really hate that type of reffing where he thinks he has some kind of obligation to keep the cloggers on the pitch. Tiote committed at least four bookable fouls but only got the one card.

  • Spurlative says:

    that was a sucker punch.(kaboul sending off) you could say that if he that bloke wasnt on the pitch anymore in the first place it wouldnt of happened! But im glad kaboul learned his lesson today instead of another game where where it may have been more detrimental…

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