Date: 31st December 2010 at 12:42pm
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News breaking this morning that the to ‘loan package’ is a late entry into the British Comedy Awards.  The signing on fee is £2M and if they stay up it’s another £1M. For starters I can’t see who in their right mind would want a striker who can’t score this side of Hadrian’s but the staying up bit is priceless.

Other is thin on the ground beyond the usual threats and allegations, although their was a mention in the Italian press that Dos Santos was linked with Brimingham.  Ho hum.

Fulahm will be a game approached with a certain amount of relish. Our lot’s home form is nothing shy of excellent and Mark Hughes’ lot have become the ’s draw specialists.

is due a goal and this will suit him. First to score for Tottingham is 6/1. as first goal scorer is 7/1.