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News breaking this morning that the PSB to West Ham ‘loan package’ is a late entry into the British Comedy Awards.  The signing on fee is £2M and if they stay up it’s another £1M. For starters I can’t see who in their right mind would want a striker who can’t score this side of Hadrian’s but the staying up bit is priceless.

Other transfer gossip is thin on the ground beyond the usual threats and allegations, although their was a mention in the Italian press that Dos Santos was linked with Brimingham.  Ho hum.

Fulahm will be a game approached with a certain amount of relish. Our lot’s home form is nothing shy of excellent and Mark Hughes’ lot have become the Premiership’s draw specialists.

Modders is due a goal and this will suit him. First to score for Tottingham is 6/1. Bale as first goal scorer is 7/1.


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  • bob says:

    was supposed to be NYing in Fulham until some West London slag phoned and cancelled the booking saying they had rented it for the night. LETS FUCKIN SMASH THE CADS


  • bob says:

    having seen their defending against wet spam, it should be a doddle

  • Sid Trotter says:

    They always make it hard – we need to win this or – mark my words – we will draw or lose.

    Let’s not forget that Hughes is Welsh. Bale is Welsh and so is my neighbour. The protents are therefore good. Amen to 2010. Bring on 2011 and 3 points

  • Jay says:

    Any news on the Benzema story you posted the other day, or was that just ways to attract people like me in :)

  • Jay says:

    I look forward to it, I remember where I heard it first if it does go ahead.
    Its picked up a big following with various people on forums stating they have sources that are telling them a similar thing.
    I sense from your comment you are unsure shame because he would be Perfect!!!

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