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The unmitigated cobblers of transfer speculation had a bucket of ice cold water hurled over it yesterday as Arry revealed that Spurs had not made a single enquiry about Adebayor.

I’ve mixed feelings on the definitive news he won’t be coming to The Lane. His form has gone right off the boil of late no two ways about it, but I do find him a more convincing Premiership option to 3MP. Given a run, he could have done us some good.

Blistering Bob Keane is now in the shop window. Well, sort of in the back, behind some old shop fittings. Actually, he nipped out for a Topic and a Lucozade a few days ago and no one’s too sure where he is.

But the latest is that he might be going to Ajax. And a swap deal for anyone including El Hamdaoui, Gregory van der Wiel, Urby Emanuelson….

I’d say a bookie would give a price on that not dissimilar to the one for Roy Hodgson signing him. PSB has two immediate problems. The first is that he cannot make the Spurs’ first team anymore. The second is that he is not cheap to keep.

Any sale will include the blushes saving, ‘undisclosed fee’ line and he is looking at at least a 50% wage cut. At least.

The answer lies upon the ploughed fields with white lines upon them in Scotland and he really ought grab the opportunity whilst it’s there. Bob still has his supporters. Those hardened few who see beyond his ‘boyhood club’ fiasco and his decay when he eventually returned.

I have no time for the guy. But I don’t hate him and that’s why he ought to go North and salvage some self respect. I haven’t as clue how likely a move to Villa might be, but I just see this as just another potential twist in the PSB death throes.

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  • gazza says:


  • basher says:

    Not bothered where Keane ends up just who his replacement is.

    I did hear that his replacement is VDV.

    If so there would be no new signings in January on the back of any Keane sale.

  • Lawrie says:

    I think (based on pre-season) that Keane would be more effective than Crouch or Pav BUT I think that Harry wants to move him on due to his age.
    I suspect that the reason he has not been played is a ploy to finally succeed in transferring him by getting over the problem of his wages – ie if he’s desperate to move, he’ll accept a pay cut at the new club.

  • Pedrowozwobbed says:

    PSB needs to be shipped out now – but I’ll always have respect for the (dire) cartwheelin, gun slingin,pointin,shoutin fecker

  • TMWNN says:

    Good riddance.

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